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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stuff I Bought

Ah, the dreaded fifth week of the month.  Although I have to admit that this week wasn't bad really.  Rather a surprise. I have been feeling dreadfully jaded about my comics lately.

Multiversity #1

I...think?  This actually came out last week, and I passed it up because I didn't know what it even was.  I still am finding this to be quite confusing, but that is the sort of thing that goes along with a Grant Morrison book. Still, it was interesting, to see some characters that haven't been around in a very very long time.

On this earth, Superman wiped out all crime, and all problems are taken care of by his super robots or something, so the second generation of Super Heroes haven't much to do, except do reenactments of old battles, which is rather depressing.  Also they party a lot.  And the thing about the haunted or cursed Comic Book continues here, with it being a portal or something.

I am sure it will all make sense eventually.

Justice League United Annual

This wasn't bad.  Nice artwork.  I found the  constant zipping back and forth of Alanna and Adam to be rather amusing.  The Legion shows up from the future and wants to kill off the weird little kid before he grows up to be an intergalactic menace, and naturally the League is defending him, while some of them are off trying to find Hawkman's corpse, except he's alive again and brainwashed, and it all comes together at the end.

Ollie and Kara aren't seeing eye to eye.  He should talk to Guy perhaps.

I'm actually liking this better than the regular League.

Sensation Comics: Wonder Woman #3

Gosh, this is fabulous.  Pay no attention whatsoever to the bloody cover, it has nothing to do with the interior, which consists of several adorable tales, and adorable artwork.

We have Bullets and Bracelets, with Diana as a rock star more or less, and a bit of empowerment for young girls, and a well-deserved comeuppance to an obnoxious boor.  Woohoo!

Then an extremely tired and desperate for coffee Wonder Woman has to outwit Catwoman AND fight a rather nice dragon.  Selina is very smart...but not quite smart enough.  This was actually my favorite, because I like dragons.

And finally a continuing saga of an extremely muscular Wonder Woman fighting an alien.  Kanjar Ro comes into it, and I have a sneaking fondness for Kanjar Ro.  Lots and lots and lots of fun!

God, I do love fun.

Sinestro #6

Sinestro and his corps have been beaten up by Becca and the thugs from the New Gods, and he's a bit...smitten.  Oh Sinestro.  You're as bad as Hal sometimes.  He sends some of his corps out to fight on the Indigo world, incidentally saving the Indigos and John Stewart and his band of Green Lanterns.  They catch the New Gods by surprise, and actually pull out a victory, but only at the cost of sacrificing some of the Yellow Corps, which Sinestro justifies by winnowing out the chaff..

So now all the corps are more or less united against the New Gods, who continue to disgust me.  Also we got to see Dispotellis again, and Sinestro's use of him as a spy was pretty inspired.  So I like it a lot.

Wonder Woman #35

And I guess this is the end of the Azarello/Chiang version of Wonder Woman, but it certainly ends with a bang.  And I did...not see that coming.  I probably should have, but still.

I know that this version of Wonder Woman wasn't everyone's cup of tea, what with the new parentage, and the whole Amazon slaughter stuff.  But if I had to have an alternate version of Wonder Woman, this was pretty damned fabulous.  I loved all the gods, and the unique and innovative ways that Chiang presented them.

Diana, Zola and Zeke, and Hermes end up at Mount Olympus only to be confronted by Poseidon, who is making a last minute power grab.  And suddenly Zola of all people starts to manifest some rather...interesting powers, growing what appears to be a pretty potent talon and slicing off some of Poseidon's tentacles.  Then First Born shows up with his Minotaur in tow, and there is a lot of fighting.  Eris shows up and I have to admit that I really like Eris.  She's just so...catty.  But funny.

Diana is down, and First Born wants the Minotaur to kill her, but it turns out that waaaaay back when Ares was training her as a young girl, she spared this very same Minotaur, and he remembers, to First Born's disgust. He has to take time from his plan to throw Zola and Zeke into the bottomless abyss to come over and kill the Minotaur himself, which really pisses off Diana, and the bracelets Are Off!  And she starts to really go to town.

Meanwhile Zola has managed to put baby Zeke onto Zeus's throne.  And Kablaaaaamooo!  First Born falls into the Abyss instead,and for a second you think that Diana is going to save him.  But she's not stupid, and into the abyss he goes!  So he'll have time to think about his evil ways or something.

And guess what? Zola is actually Athena!  And Zeke is actually a reborn Zeus!  That's quite a trick!  Athena is all set to become a goddess again, when Diana convinces her that little baby Zeus needs a mama, so Athena is still around, but not Zola anymore, and there is a more or less happy ending.

I needed a happy ending, I really did.

Next month I believe that the Finches are going to be taking over, and just from the artwork on the covers, I am already pretty sure that I'll be dropping this book. But it was sure fabulous for a while.

Saga #24

And speaking of fabulous!

We don't even see Hazel or Alana or our beloved bunch at all in this issue, which deals with the Will's sister trying to find him, and figure out what happened to him.  She tracks him to Heist's old hang-out, and meets the cutest little herder guy who rather resembles a baby fur seal, except cuter.  The Brand is the Will's sister, and she has a dog named Sweet Boy.  She does realize that Alana and her family had been there, and manages to get on the trail of Sophie and Gwendolyn, who are off doing their own thing, trying to find a cure for the Will.  They run into some REALLY disgusting guards, but hold their own, and hey...Lying Cat!  I love Lying Cat!

Then they run into the Brand, and there is naturally... a brief fight, and Lying Cat is knocked out,and eventually they stop fighting long enough to compare notes, and realize that they are more or less on the same side.  Meanwhile the Will is still in his coma, but having some really odd....dreams.

And back on Heist's place, who should show up but Yuma, from Alana's acting troupe, and it turns out she used to be married to Heist!  And with her, is Prince Robot and...Marko!

Be still my heart.

So a pretty decent week altogether.


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