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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reasonably Prompt Reviews

Considering what a wretched month this was for DC, and that I gave up quite a few of my usual books in disgust, this turned out to be a reasonably decent week. 


Adventures of Superman #17

No fancy cover, no crossover, and in his REAL costume.  And teamed up with Omac of all people!  Mohawk and all.  Superman is sent into space to take care of a chunk of errant comet, which when you think about it, is a perfect sort of mission for Superman.  Naturally he is attacked by a Robot.  In fact, he even wonders if he will ever NOT be attacked by a Robot.  And this Robot has Kryptonite!  So it's a darned good thing that Omac happens to be around, and saves his mighty red behind, and together of course, they defeat the Robot and the Evil-Doer and defuse the Bomb, and oh, it's just a nice old-fashioned and fun story. 

You remember those, right?

The second story has Superman slightly befuddled, since he thinks that he is seeing the ghosts of his real parents and his adopted parents, and thinks that he is losing his Super Marbles.  Turns out that there actually IS a ghost, another Kryptonian who somehow never made it to Earth, and is a bit pissy about it.  In a rather poignant way, Superman turns the table on him and wins of course.  But it's nice nevertheless.

I do love this book.

Batman '66 #15

And speaking of loving a book!  We have Penquin teaming up with the Black Widow, and lots of spider-related shenanigans.  The Widow seems to be something of a man-hater, not to mention Bat-hater.  As usual, it's taking too long for her death trap to dispose of our doughty duo, and so she leaves Penguin to finish the job, and as usual, Batman appeals to his vanity and sense of self-preservation, and he actually HELPS them out of the webby fate! 

Lovely as usual.

Futures End/Booster Gold #1

I only got this because it had Booster in it.  I love Booster!  It's a bit convoluted, involving a whole LOT of time travel, and alternate Universes, and alternate Boosters.  But there are a whole lot of nice tiny cameos of people that we haven't seen in a very long time, and it's nice to know that somehow and somewhere, Booster is still out there trying to set things right.

Then he's captured by what appears to be Brother Eye, who is torturing him to no avail, and ends up using Michelle's life against him revealing the whereabouts of Vanishing Point. 

Oh Booster. I do hope that you have a clever trick up your shiny shiny sleeve.

Not great, but not terrible.  And so nice to see Michael again.

Futures End/ Red Lanterns #l

Not...awful!  Amazing!

Futures End/ Sinestro #1

Well, five years from now, Sinestro is in the biggest baddest prison in the Universe, and his ring...and finger is gone, and life generally sucks. But being Sinestro he figures a way to escape, and then gets caught, and a lot of other stuff happens.  Lyssa Drak does...something, and Soranik seems to be on his side, but everyone in the Fear Corps dies, and then he comes back as a Black Lantern.  Or something.  Along with everyone else.  I guess that's one color that can't be defeated! 

I'm getting awfully tired of all the gloom and doom, but it was a tiny bit satisfying to realize that Sinestro is one of those characters that will never ever ever quit. 

Mighty Avengers #14

And this is a rather satisfying conclusion to the recent story.  The Bad Guys have all combined in a mystical sort of way to take over...everything.  And everyone.  And rewrite reality and rule the World.   Except that Luke Cage, is the one person who refuses to kneel, and actually has the gumption to fight back, which gets the rest of his bunch fighting back, and it all just befuddles the Deathwalkers.  And then the Mighty Avengers do the same mystical mumbo jumbo and combine themselves to fight the Deathwalkers, and it works because the seperate Bad Guys can't give up their own evil egos to fight together, and are naturally defeated.

It's lovely. 

Loki; Agent of Asgard #6

Now that all of that foolishness with Angela is out of the way, we have our slightly weary anti-hero coming home to Midgard.  But his nasty future self is busy fooling around in time, and has the audacity to freak out none other than Doctor Doom.  I haven't been reading Fantastic Four, so I can't really say exactly why it is that young Valeria Richards is living with "Uncle" Doom, but she is, and apparently she does...stuff.

Doom is outraged that old evil Loki made him wet his pants so he resolves to find young not so evil Loki and teach him a lesson.  Meanwhile, Verity has tracked Loki down to yell at him a bit, and he's rather startled to find out that she actually cared.  But then he's grabbed by Doom, and slips her...something.

He's defeated rather easily all things considered, but knowing Loki, I am sure that he has a trick or two up his sleeve.  The art is different, and I wasn't all that impressed with it, but still, I do enjoy his antics, so I'm happy to have this back on the shelves.

Saga #23

Well!  Marko and Alana deal with the fallout of their little spat.  Izabel tells Alana to stop being such a drama queen, while Hazel is crying for her toy, that only Marko knows about.  Meanwhile, Prince Robot is on their tail, and Yuma, who is desperately trying not to be killed by the kidnapper of little prince robot V winds up telling him what she knows about them. 

Marko's Mom continues to kick ass, as they are attacked by the kidnapper, and Alana finally gets her head out of her ass, and they take off in their coool  rocket ship...to bad they left Marko behind! 


God, this is great.

So, not a bad ending at all for the month!  I'm still a bit depressed that I never got the issue of Ms Marvel with the Dog, but for some reason, my store didn't have it.  Bummer.


At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

Mighty Avengers was great. I was really sad to see that it's going to be relaunched as Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, given that a) Cap's all over the place already and b) I liked that the team didn't really have anything in terms of A-listers. Heck, Cap himself referred to it as "Luke's team" and I wanted it to stay that way. Oh well. I guess we don't get to have nice things.

Valeria is living with Doom because she's royally pissed at her parents for excluding her from the solution to their recent kerfuffle or something similar. Part of the deal is that Doom has to do good things now.

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

Oops, just remembered, Valeria was pissed at Reed for not telling her and her family the reason for their recent time/space journey was to figure out a way to keep the Cosmic Ray radiation from killing them.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Thank you Randy, I guess that makes a... tiny amount of sense? just how old is Valeria anyway? I call that pies poor parenting!

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

At this point, I think Valeria is somewhere in her terrible two's. However, she's actually smarter than Reed, hence her seeming much older.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

I also just realized the Captain America joining the Might Avengers is going to be the Falcon. So that's not so bad in my opinion.

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

I was wondering if that Booster Gold book was worth getting. Doesn't sound all that worth reading.

At 6:25 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The Falcon is indeed joining the Mighty Avengers, but he has been hanging out with them anyway, so it should be fun.

Shelly, the Booster Gold book was...decent. Not fabulous or anything, but not bad. I wish that Rip would show up though.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Rips' absence is very noticible especially with rookie Booster missing for so long. I'd love for his appearance to be a badass moment during the big event their hyping up.

At 6:30 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I'd like it to be Rip who saves the entire Multi-verse!


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