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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Comic Book History

...As told on PBS last night.  And yes, I did stay up for all three hours of it...and it was WORTH it!  Gosh, Stan Lee is such a huckster...but a loveable huckster.  It was nice to see Denny O'Neil, and Neal Adams and Carmine Infantino, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, and a host of others.  Jack Kirby even got some acknowledgement, which was nice. 

I have to say that the show was pretty good.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

And yet...and yet, I can't help but feel a little betrayed this morning.  I just sat through three glorious hours, detailing the wonderful world of comics...and oh God, all that lovely lovely history.  Seventy-Five Years of Superman...and Lois Lane. 

And yet, now we have the NEW 52 DC Universe...and all of that incredible history no longer applies.  Marvel's still applies, but it is getting...a tad convoluted.  So...so convoluted.  However, I am not going to launch into yet another rant about how much I miss characters and timelines, because it is pretty futile, and probably getting boring at this point...or at least so I have been informed by certain anonymous posters.  And there are some things to look forward to.  DC is bringing Tiny Titans back, which is delightful.  I have Li'l Gotham to read everymonth for the real DC Universe.  As I mentioned yesterday, Stephanie is coming back.

According to the newest previews, Guy makes it through the whole "Lights Out" crossover and even will meet up with Ice in a couple of months, which is fantastic.  I am also slightly encouraged that the "Lights Out" crossover is relatively short and compact, and that is something to be praised.  The whole Villains thingie, is dragging on...and on.  But eventually even that must someday come to an end. 

I read this morning that Oreos are addictive to Mice.  So having J'onn J'onnz buzzing for his Oreos...or Chocos if you prefer is based in reality!  It would be nice to see J'onn eating cookies again. 

But enough meandering...off to the Comic Book Store!

Gosh, I do love Wednesdays.


At 4:55 AM, Anonymous Ted said...

Eating oreos would provide a tiny bit of joy. By Corporate edict "joy" must not be allowed to appear within what has replaced the DC Universe.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

True. So true. Their lives must be filled with unrelenting pain and suffering.

At least Villains seem to get to have some fun once in a while.


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