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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guy is the Ginchiest!

Holy Guacamole, I have a lot of  pictures of Guy!  Since I am off to the races at Limerock tomorrow, I won't be able to finish an entire week of Guy Glorification...which is probably something that I should have thought about when I started this whole project.  However, it does give me the opportunity to just slap some pictures up and  enjoy myself.

And hopefully, you too!

 photo batmanvsguybymaguire.jpg

A slightly different version of the infamous "One Punch" by none other than the incomparable Kevin Maguire.

 photo GLEW_Cv13_guyandbatman.jpg

NOT punching.  I'm beginning to sense a theme here.  This was actually Guy and Batman working together for a change.

 photo GLEW_Cv11_var_R1guycover-2.jpg 

I just like this one...rather indicative of the problems he is having at the moment.

 photo guyandbleez-2.jpg

I am rather hoping he still has this attitude about Bleez.

blackest night photo oa51ck.jpg

I really liked the first Red Lantern uniform that he had, compliments of Pat Gleason.  The one he has now is...ok.   But I liked this one the best.
guardians give ring to guy photo 1172285-111_super.jpg

One of his first butt shots as a new Green Lantern, after waking up from his coma during Crisis.

guy and capt marvel photo GoshBatman.jpg

You know...this is probably true.

guy and hal photo GL25199213.jpg

Oh Guy.

Guy pictures photo guyvshalspicture.jpg

This just cracks me up.

jli guy photo guybites.jpg

Yes.  Yes you do.


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