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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still More Guy Stuff

Oh Comics.  Where everybody dies, and then comes back.  At least...MOST of them come back.  But Guy has the distinction of having died twice!  Not to mention two comas!   And he has been depowered at least four times.  Those are some pretty interesting statistics, all things considered.

The first time he "died", he didn't really, he got blown up by Hal's battery, ended up in the Phantom Zone, then tortured by Sinestro, then rescued by Hal, and then in a coma.  And that's the first time he lost his powers, which he had had for all of a day or two.

Woke up, got himself a nice green ring, and went out and did his thing.  Had a fight with Hal, in the infamous Green Lantern #25, and got his ring taken away from him again...by Hal.  Went out and managed to get a hold of the "dead" Sinestro's yellow ring, wore it and did a lot of pretty sensational things with it...till he lost it fighting against Parallax/Hal.  That was his second coma as well. 

 guy fights hal photo 195889328_e59aaba0c6_b.jpg

Then, he woke up, and stomped off to the Nappa Jungle, and managed to get himself a whole new set of powers, by drinking the Warrior Waters.  It was a little convoluted, but Beau Smith did such a lovely job with it.  And it incidentally healed his brain damage, so that although Guy was still pretty brash, at least he had his intellect back, and a modicum of restraint.

Then he died...again.
  photo guykilledinwarofworlds.jpg

Man, this annoyed me.  His body had the Vuldarian powers, that allowed him to adapt it to practically any sort of defense or offense.  Granted, the Imperiex probes were quite nasty, but still...!  It was a stupid death.

 guy and superman photo aruuuba.jpg

Fortunately, it didn't take, and he didn't die, not that anybody decided to do anything nice like...I don't know...go LOOKING for him.  He ended up ruling a pocket of hell or some such nonsense, and managed to trick Superman into getting him out.  It was pretty ridiculous, but I rather like Guy in this, because he was nasty, funny, and played Superman so beautifully.

So he was back.  Until Rebirth.

 Guy pictures photo Guy_Power-1.jpg

Lost his Vuldarian powers, but he got his Green Lantern ring back!  Woohoo!

And although he is currently a Red Lantern, once again, due to Hal...at least he still has powers and he isn't dead.  But I certainly don't want to give anyone at DC any ideas!  But you do have to hand it to Guy...he is awfully resilient.  


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Sometimes I want to go into the back bins and fine more Guy books. But then I remember how he was treated. At least he got more respect as time went on.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Guy was the character that writers liked to use to say the things that needed to be said...but in the most obnoxious way. Plus he was used as an oaf, and idiot, a villain, a thug and a jackass.

But once in a while...somebody did something pretty fabulous with him.


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