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Monday, October 14, 2013

Well I'll be Dipped!

Great Googally Moogally!  There was some very very interesting comical book-type news over the weekend.

First, with DC.  Apparently, Scott Snyder will be bringing back Stephanie as Bat-Girl/Spoiler with the new Bat Book...eventually.  I never thought I would see the day.  I like Stephanie.  She's not one of my favorite characters, but she's likeable, and a TON of people really really will be happy with this.  Gosh DC...making people happy for a change!  What a concept!

If however, DC decides to fire the writer and the artist before the first issue with her comes out, then I'll be pissed.

Over at Marvel meanwhile,  it has also apparently dawned on them that Teen Loki is quite the Fan-Favorite.  I certainly like him.  Gillen's version of Loki, from Journey into Mystery, and in Young Avengers has been simply sterling.  So, they are going to take Loki away from him, and age hiim...but not too old, and make him look a bit more like Tom Hiddleston, and he'll have his own book, where he isn't evil...or at least not completely evil.

Which, I must admit, is actually more like the way the REAL Loki was depicted in Norse mythology.  Yes, he did some crazy stuff, he was a trickster God, but for all the times that he got the Aesir into trouble, he was also usually the one who got them OUT of trouble as well.  So I have no problem with making him less of an out and out Bad Guy.

And frankly, Tom Hiddleston is insanely hot.

But I will miss teen Loki an awful lot. 

And by the way...DC is bringing back Tiny Titans.  This fills me with great joy.

My God...two things that DC has done that aren't completely stupid!  Of course the bar is set pretty low, but still!


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Gary said...

Not you as well, Sally? Mrs Earth-Prime has been billing and cooing over that Mr Hiddleston for some time now.

I think it's the only reason she wants to see the new Thor movie.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Thor Schmor...Tom Hiddleston is sexy!


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