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Monday, September 30, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Well, I'm back from beautiful little old Limerock Park, the most gorgeous race track on the planet.  Or at least in New England.  It was the weekend of the last Grand Am races...ever.  They are merging with something or another, and will have a different name next season, so it was a pretty big deal.  The weather was actually gorgeous, the steak was delicious, and the racing sublime.  And we got to meet one of the Ferrari teams!  A couple of tall beautiful Italians, an American and an Australian. 

Be still my heart.

Not a whole lot seemed to happen in the world of Comicdom...DC didn't seem to do anything monumentally stupid while I was incommunicado.  Apparently a Constantine television show may be in the works.  I find that rather surprising, but what the heck...it could work I guess. 

Thank Goodness that September is over, and we can get back to the regular heroes in the Villains crossover.  Well, there are still Villains of course, since earth has been taken over by the Crime Syndicate, but at least I don't have to read anymore revamped origin stories. 

Saga came out, and was stunning as usual.  That is a book that just keeps getting better and better.  Young Avengers was also superb.  The rest of the stuff that I got last week was mostly hit or miss.  Nothing outrageously stupid, but nothing particularly  wonderful either.  Again, a lot of origin stories that I already knew, or ones that were redone.  The exception was Wonder Woman, where we actually got an origin for the First Born, that tied in very nicely with the story already in progress, and didn't interrupt the flow of the narrative. 

I've been trying to find Action Philosophers at my beloved local comical book store, but haven't had any luck.  Is that something that has been collected? 

Previews came out, and had the cover of the new Justice League book set in the future written by DeMatteis and Giffen.  It was supposed to have Kevin Maguire artwork too...and I was all ready to plunk down my hard earned dollars on it...till DC dumped Maguire for reasons that I cannot fathom.  So...although I do like Giffen and DeMatteis together...I am going to give this a pass.  Thanks DC!

What did everyone else do on their weekend?


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