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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rootin' Tootin' Reviews

Hah!  We'll see if that catches your attention.  It would probably make more sense if I were reviewing Jonah Hex or something, but what the heck.  A small week...but not a bad week.  That's always a good thing.  At least Villains Month is done.  But apparently I am in a minority when I say that, since DC got some decent sales for the gimmick.  Which is a little depressing, because that means they will try it again.


Onward then.

Batman #24

We continue (thank goodness) with Zero Year, as told by Scott Snyder and as drawn so beautifully by Greg Capullo.  For a non-Bat Fan, I am really actually...enjoying this.  It is  bit of a pleasure to see a NON-Omnipotent Batman for a change.  Thanks mainly to Alfred, Bruce is finally putting the Batcave together, and working out his logistics, and doing his whole "scary as hell" thing.  He's still pretty much an urban myth at this point, and the police sure as heck aren't thrilled with his antics.

But he finally does manage to confront Red Hood and his horde of minions.  And he manages to foil the giant bomb that was set to explode, and he dumps the Red Hood...or who may or not be the Red Hood into a vat of chemicals.  Shades of the Joker! 

And excellent issue.  And it seemed...like a lot of pages too.  Possibly because it cost $6.99!  Yikes!   I guess this was an annual or something.  There is a second story at the back illustrated by the incomparable Rafael Albuquerque, which is another little gem, and introduces the Riddler!  Gosh I just love the Riddler.

Expensive, but actually...worth it.

Batman: Li'l Gotham #7

And speaking of being worth it...one of my favorite DC books.  It has Barbara as Oracle!  Damian!  Dick and Tim!  Batman being the proud father of his crazy brood!  Adorable Aquaman! 

This book is the only place that the REAL DC Continuity is in existance and I would buy it for that reason alone, but the art and the storytelling are just so much fun as well.  Fun!

Ten million people should buy this book and maybe that would tell DC something.  Fabulous!

Green Lantern Corps #24

More tomorrow...but...Wow.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1

I wasn't going to pick this up initially, because if there is anything that I despise, it is DC forcing Clark and Diana down our throats.  Bleh.  But Charles Soule is writing it,and I have discovered that he is a pretty darn good writer. 

It's nothing too spectacular, but it is decent enough.  It is nice that Soule makes actual reference to what is going on is Diana's own book, which is something that is usually completely ignored in the regular Justice League books.  She's a bit miffed because Clark seems bound and determined to keep their relationship a secret, and really one can't blame her. 

Good.  Maybe they'll break up. 

Tony Daniel's art is pretty, and Doomsday shows up...or at least new Doomsday.  There are a lot of dismemberments, which is getting a tad tedious.  I really don't need to see body parts all the time.  I realize that Comic Books aren't big on subtlety, but really! 

Not bad.  Not great, but not bad.

Thor, God of Thunder #14

Thor is all set to go rushing off and start beating up Malekith, the recently freed nasty nasty Dark Elf, but Freya and Volstagg went to a meeting of all the various worlds and mythical beings, and he can go only if he leads a bunch of warriors from the other Nine Worlds.  So we have a bright elf, a dark elf, a troll, a dwarf and a giant.  Probably one of them is going to be a traitor, because that is usually what happens. 

Queen Alfyse of the Dark Elves, whom I remember making sweet sweet whoopie with Hercules, takes refuge with the Dwarves, who are less than hospitable, but you take what you can get.  Too bad that Malekith finds them all.  Dang.  I liked Alfyse. 

Also the cover with Thor riding his goat, is sensational.

This is very nice, and very pretty and dark and mythical and all that stuff. 

A good week.  A darned good week.


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