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Friday, October 11, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #24

Things are actually beginning to seriously pick up here.  Yes, this is part of the "Lights Out" crossover, but I'll be damned, if it isn't actually...interesting.  And better yet, the whole thing only takes a couple of months, with the entire story coming to a head this October.  This sort of thing is simply unprecedented!  Not stretching out for a year or more!  Woohoo!

Well, last issue of Green Lantern, Relic finally shows up on Oa, along with Kyle and Carol and a badly wounded St. Walker, as Hal Jordan and Kilowog and Salaak and the rest of the Lanterns faced off against Relic.

It didn't go well.

And things continue to NOT go well, for our hapless heroes.  Relic has drained the central Battery...thus dooming Oa, which apparently was connected to it in  all sorts of interesting ways.  Hal of course is busy leaping into the fray without looking, because that is the sort of thing that Hal does.  Thank Goodness, that John Stewart is here, and actually has a brain an a certain talent for strategy.  As Hal wastes his time and precious energy confronting Relic head-on, John is smart enough to realize that they can't fight him this way.

John directs Salaak to go and find a way out of the mess, since he knew Oa better than anyone else, and might have a clue about what the Old Guardians would have had up their sneaky sleeves.  The New Guardians are here too, and helping out, although they don't really seem to do a whole lot.  Soranik is charged with getting the wounded together and safe, and John and the latest bunch of rookies, hold off Relic with a lot of rather spectacular diversions, while Hal and company get the Hell Out Of Oa.  Voz...whom I adore, stays and actually lets the prisoners in the science cells out and lets them get off world too. 

Say what you will, but Green Lanterns are definitely the Good Guys.

John is making Relic awfully mad.  John is good at that sort of thing.  Guy is actually better at that sort of thing, but he's not available at the moment.  Hal and Lanterns escape, but Oa is breaking up, and John and the rest of the Rookies are losing their power charges, when the nice nice old Lantern, who had been left to die before he was chosen by the rings, choses to stay behind and cover the escape of John and the rest. 

Darn.  I liked that old guy.  But I am not surprised that he is the one to sacrifice himself.  He just asks that John remember him in the ways of his people, and after everything goes Kabooooooom....and Oa is gone, John does just that. 

Relic is smug, Hal and the Lanterns are looking for refuge, and John and his little band don't have enough power to catch up to them, so presumably, they are hoping to make it to the Indigo Lanterns. 

May I just say that John would be SUCH a better choice to lead the now homeless and powerless Green Lanterns than Hal.  Hal is brave and handsome and charismatic...and foolhardy and impulsive.  John is the smartest Lantern...he an Kilowog and Salaak should be running things.

We will see.

But this was pretty darned fabulous.

 photo GLCOR_Cv24johnsbutt_zps3f27784f.jpg

And that is a pretty spectacular Green Lantern butt there.  So glad that the new artists are carrying on that fine hallowed tradition!


At 3:23 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Has Relic explained why he's going around destroying the different Corps? Is it a grudge thing, or has he noticed they spend all their time fighting and causing massive damage and decided it's better for the universe to get rid of them?

And yes, John would definitely have been a better choice to lead than Hal. I think Hal's really best suited to just being a Green lantern. Give him a sector, tell him to protect the people who live there from evil, and let him do it.

At 6:49 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Relic, apparently is the only survivor of the Universe that existed before this one. In that Universe, they had analogs to the various different corps, and used all the power with abandon. Supposedly, the amount of light used to power those corps was finite, and when they used it all up...their Universe ended...and ours was born.

I am slightly skeptical, because I thought that the current crop of rings were powered by emotion...not some well of power. Relic's thing is that he is getting rid of all the corps so that they don't use up all the light, and destroy this universe as well.

It seems like a fairly sympathetic motive...except that instead of going around and showing some sort of proof, he's just killing people.


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