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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review hoo hoo's.

Another interesting week!  And not a Green Lantern in the bunch...but I actually don't mind.

Fables #122

This seems to be starting a whole new story, and I wasn't completely sure that we were finished with the slightly interminable previous storyline.  Nevertheless I liked it.  It is actually one of the cubs in the future writing...possibly Ambrose, although that is just my opinion, and it is a tale of Bigby back when he really was the Biggest and Baddest Wolf of them all. 

It looks interesting.  It was good, and the art was nice, and I am ready for the next issue.

The Flash #13

Barry really has a complicated life.  He's in the middle of fighting the Rogues, when all of a sudden Central City is being attacked by Grodd and his Gorillas no less.  This is back when this sort of thing was still unusual.  Fortunately, the Rogues are crazy and or nice enough (?) to actually help him out.  Of course, they don't really have much choice in the matter. 

Beautifully drawn as usual, and dadgummit...you just can't beat giant talking gorillas!

All-Star Western #13

Something is wrong in Gotham City.  Which is the same as saying that the sky is blue.  A circus has come to town, and suddenly all the nice Circus folk have run amok, and are busy killing people, and letting tigers lose, and other nefarious things.  Obviously, this has something to do with the Snake Oil Salesman who just sighned on, but fortunately, Jonah and Tallulah and Dr. Arkham are there to help.  Oh, and I guess that the Chinese lady isn't Mei Ling after all, for which I am deeply deeply thankful.

There was also a backup story with Tomahawk that was rather fun.  A bit like the Leatherstocking Tales in Comic book form.

Justice League Dark #13

Well, this months events seem to be spinning out of the totally unnecessary new origin for John Constantine and Zatanna, as the goup has to deal with Mists' betrayal, and the fact that Nick Necro also pops up again,when they thought that he was safely planted in Hell.  Black Orchid does some cool stuff, as does Deadman, and the art is awfully pretty, while Xanadu tries to help Tim Hunter, but I can't help thinking that not a whole heck of a lot actually happened in this issue.

I absolutely refused to purchase ANY of the recent Avengers vs X-Men books.  It was bad enough reading about it.  but I simply could not resist picking up the A-Babies vs X-Babies, by Skottie Young, because it was simpl adorable.  And I'm a sucker apparently.  Now if the whole thing had been like THIS, it would have been a Huge Hit! 

Cute.  So...so cute.

Hawkeye #3

It took me a week, but I finally remembered to pick up the third issue of the new Hawkeye book from Marvel, and gosh, it is fabulous.  The art is lovely, Kate is fabulous, Clint is fabulous, and wow, that 1970 Dodge Challenger is insanely fabulous. 

Clint is having something of a weird day.  He's trying to label all of his trick arrows, which actually threw me a bit since I thought that Ollie was the one with all the trick arrows, and he's not getting a whole lot of cooperation from Kate.  So he goes out to get some tape or something, runs into a beautiful young woman with the 1970 Dodge Challenger, and when he starts drooling over the car, she offers to sell it to him.  Naturally this leads to the two of them doing the horizontal mambo, until some thugs with this really irritating habit of calling everyone "bro" show up and kidnap the young lady AND the car.  I don't know which enrages Hawkeye more. 

So Kate comes puffing along in her Volkswagon Beetle, and a wonderful car chase with Minis also ensues.  It really isn't all that often that you get to see a bitchin' car chase in a comic book for some reason, and he manages to use practically ALL of the trick arrows, and a wonderful time is had by all.

Seriously, this book is a hoot.

And finally,

Journey Into Mystery #645


Oh  my. 

I make no point of hiding the fact that I have been loving young Loki, and in this issue, well, everything finally comes crashing down.  Last week in Thor, we came to the end of Everything Burns, with the defeat of Surtur, but there were...complications.  That crown of dreams that Loki made a while back has come back to bite him in the butt, when Mephisto waltzes in and grabs it, and then Loki has to find the essence of OLD Loki, who informs him that he can defeat Mephisto, by dissolving the crown...and himself, which will somehow let the original Loki come back. 

dang it.

Little Loki goes around and tries to make sense of what is going to happen, he sends Leah away, it is for her own good, but he can't tell her that.  I think that Hela knows something of what is happening.  He also tries to warn Thor, and to get him to swear to kill him if he becomes evil again, but of course Thor can't do that.  Then he goes back to confront Old Loki again, who naturally tries to tell him that everything will be fine, and dandy.  Loki may be young, but he's not stupid.  Yet he claims that he is the one who wins, and kills the Magpie, and apparently...eats it. 

I...I am not exactly sure what all of this means.  Did evil Loki come back in young sweet Loki's body, or are they one and the same now, or what, but it looks....ominous.  And I am feeling just a little heartbroken.  Damn, this was a fabulous book. 

It is still going to continue as Journey into Mystery, but will be focusing on Sif now.  That's fine,  I like Sif too, and lord knows that Marvel could certainly pay some attention to its female characters, but I was upset about Loki, except that he's going to be showing up in Young Avengers starting in January, and also being written by Gillen, so that is something to be happy for. 

But..but I really wanted a happy ending.  Oh Comics.


At 11:42 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

I have another comic series recommendation for you: Smallville Season 11. I had lost interest in the TV show years ago and was really disappointed in the finale, but this series picks up where the finale left off and, thanks to Bryan Q. Miller's writing, eliminates all the TV show's weaknesses but keeps all its strengths. While the continuity diverges from mainstream DC Supes in some ways, it's way truer to the spirit of Supes than the atrocity that was Scott Lobdell's Superman 13.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I have to admit that I haven't picked this up, because I've been spooked by the miasma that Smallville turned into, and because Scott Lobdell gives me the willies.

However, I'll have to give it a try, because I know you have good taste.


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