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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Glimmer of Hope

On Monday, I was writhing in the throes of despair over how dark and depressing Comics can be, and how things are apparently going to get even Darker and Grimmer. 


But fortunately, some good news has broken like the sun through the clouds, and there is a slight glimmer of hope on the horizon. 

I have been enjoying the HECK out of Thor and young Loki.  It has been incredibly fun, well written, beautifully drawn, and the characterization has been amazing.  But I was always slightly morbid about the idea that usually when I really really like a book...it is the Kiss of Death.  And indeed, after the latest storyline of Everything Burns, Journey into Mystery was going to be about Sif, and not about Loki.

That's not a terrible thing.  I rather like Sif.  Nice to have Marvel actually have another book about a woman.  But I was very depressed about what was going to be happening to Loki, until I saw that Gillen, the writer who has been doing such wonderful wonderful things is going to be going to the new Young Avengers book.

And Loki is going to be on the team. 

Oh  my!  Calloo, callay!  I am chortling with joy. 

See Marvel?  You CAN get me to come back.  But only if you do things right.  Needless to say I won't be picking up that Grim and Gritty crap.


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