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Friday, October 12, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #13

And the Guardians nefarious plans continue to escalate, as nefarious plans have a way of doing.


But gosh, that is a nice cover by Ivan Reis of Guy and John. 

I'm not quite as impressed by the art on the interior, which  is by Cafu...an artist I am unfamiliar with.  Needless to say, I prefer Pasarin's pencilings, but this is adequate. 

More of the Third Army are attacking, now they are multiplying throughout space as well as on earth, and presumably in other places as well.  Oh, and remember that Big Bad Meanie that Guy fought against as a rookie last month?  Well, he shows up again, as he is released from his imprisonment in the Sciencells, and told to go forth and do...more Bad Things.

Meanwhile, in front of the Corps on Oa, the Guardians are having a nice ceremony, wherein they proclaim to all that Guy is being promoted to the position of Lantern Sentinel!  Because he's just the ginchiest!  Actually, he IS, but the Guardians aren't doing this because they actually give a goddamn about Guy, they are setting him up.  There is a bit of grumbling going on in the ranks, with a few Lanterns mumbling that Guy wouldn't be in this position if Hal Jordan were still around, by cracky!  John tells them to shut up, ably assisted by Kilowog, who naturally has Guy's back.  Guy takes it all fairly calmly all things considered. 

Then of course, he has to fly off on an important mission.  And the Guardians decide to send John out to look for more Mogo pieces.  Guy and his group are supposed to be guarding some squabbling ambassadors, when he gets word that The Big Bad Meanie from the Sciencells is lose and heading to earth to take out his family !  Whatever will he do?  Naturally, Guy elects to go and save his family and tells his bunch of Lanterns to watch out for the Ambassadors, while the Guardians are chortling with joy over their nasty little plan...since THEY were the ones who let the Big Bad Meanie out in the first place! 

I really don't like the Guardians.  They are gloating over how predictable Guy is, while telling Xar, the Big Bad Meanie, to be sure and kill all of the Ambassadors, just for fun as far as I can tell.  And then Guy and his Lanterns are attacked by more of the Third Army Zombies, who take over  poor Vandor, which is rather disgusting.

Things are not looking good at the moment. 

All I really want, is for the Third Army to go to Oa, and eat the Guardians at this point, which will magically restore everyone else, and things will be back to normal and we can actually have some Green Lantern stories again.


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