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Friday, October 05, 2012

Slightly Delayed Reviews

The first week of the month is always a bit small, but there were some interesting choices out there this week.

Action Comics #13

This book had a whole lot of fabulousness going on.  Crazed evil Kryptonian Scientists!  Smug Kyrptonian judges!  The Phantom Zone!  A Boy and his Dog.  Yes, Krypto is once more introduced into the DC Universe, and it has been a sad and cold place without him. 

Superman has a bit of a kerfuffle over at the Fortress of Solitude, when a Mad Scientist imprisoned by Jor El manages to show up and cause all kinds of trouble.  Jor El sure liked to lock people up in the Phantom Zone, that place has scads  of people in it!  Including the Phantom Stranger and Krypto, who helps Superman escape.  But Superman doesn't leave his doggy trapped, he manages to figure out a way to go back and get him.


It turns out that apparently Krypto was with him the whole time, but he couldn't see or hear or feel him. 


Krypto is a good dog.

Animal Man #13

I got this because I've been reading Swamp Thing, and the two of them are still trapped in the Rot, and time has gone on without them, while apparently the whole world has succumbed to Arcane's machinations.

This is a little bit too gruesome for me actually.  I can contemplate a Green Lantern wreaking havoc, but somehow its less icky.

Fairest #8

And in this issue we have none other than Rapunzel.  It seems to take place some time ago, since Snow White is still running the office of Fabletown, and she's not with Bigby yet.  Rapunzel thinks that there is a gateway open and she's looking for her children.  I wasn't aware that she HAD children, but she ends up in Japan of all places, and it seem to be pretty interesting.

Apparently Frau Totenkinder is also her mother.  I wasn't aware of that either.

Green Lantern #13

I have to admit that not a whole lot goes on in this issue.  We learn more about Simon, the new Green Lantern, and the recipient of Sinestro and Hal's combined ring.  We see some of his family and the trauma and bias that they have to face, partly because of some of his actions.  He doesn't seem like a bad fellow, but he's made some pretty bad decisions, that's for sure. 

Also the Third Army seems to increasing, which is probably not a good thing.  The President and Amanda Waller are discussing the ramifications of another Green Lantern ring out there, they know Hal's identity, and Guy's of course, and John's as well.  They seem to feel that as an honorably discharged Marine, that John is the only one they can really count on.  It's a good thing they don't know about his record of blowing up planets!  They don't actually know who Kyle is, which has me slightly confused, since Kyle always had this unfortunate habit of answering to his name...while in costume.  But that was in the REAL DC Universe.

It was interesting that the Ring was telling Simon what to do, and giving conflicting advice from both Hal and Sinestro.  But what they did agree on, was "Don't Trust the Guardians!"

Good advice indeed. 

Oh, and at the end, the Justice League shows up.  This probably won't end particularly well.

Swamp Thing #13

In combination with Animal Man.  Alec finds the Parliament of Trees, and hangs out with Deadman and Poison Ivy.  Time has passed differently for him than for the rest of the world, and while the evil Teen Titans are attacking Buddy, he has to deal with the fact that Abby is apparently dead too. 

I was HIGHLY depressed to not find a new Mighty Thor of Journey Into Mystery this week.  They can't leave me hanging like this!  Gaaah!

Boy I was happy to see Krypto.


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Colin Smith said...

I find myself in complete agreement with you about the one book we both had in common, and about the one book we were both looking for which didn't get released. Yes, Krypto is indeed a good dog, bless him, and the concluding chapter of Everything Burns was very much missed, wasn't it?

Let's hope that Krypto gets to stay around even when Morrison moves on ...

At 6:32 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh Colin, I MISSED Thor and Loki! They've been coming out every other week during September, and now I'm left high and dry!

I am a whiny whiny person sometimes.

But yes, Krypto makes everything so much better.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

What was the Phantom Stranger doing in the Phantom Zone? Was Jor-El one of the people he tried to help, but screwed over instead?

At 6:56 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I rather wondered about that myself...unless as the Phantom Stranger, he can more or less go wherever he wants. But it was a tad confusing.

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the original Rapunzel story, her parents had to give her to the local witch (Totenkinder in the Fables universe) because her father got caught stealing her lettuce (the mom was craving it). When Rapunzel was older, she started letting a prince up into the tower when the witch was away. The witch had no clue until Rapunzel's clothes stopped fitting. In a rage, she cut off Rapunzel's hair and sent her off into the woods. When the prince came to visit, he climbed up as usual but found the witch instead and fell off the tower in shock, scratching his eyes in the process. He then wandered, blind, until he came across Rapunzel and their children- at which point her tears restored his sight. The prince then took his new family to meet his parents and they lived happily ever after.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Thank you. I had forgotten that version of the story, which was silly of me, since I used to read Fairy Tales like crazy as a kid.


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