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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

A good week.  An interesting week.

Batwoman #13

Good gosh, but this is a pretty pretty book.  And I'm enjoying the team-up between Kate and Diana.  It just seems so...slightly bizarre, a fact that Kate herself points out, having a Gothamite Crime-Fighter teamed up with a demi-goddess, going up against Godlike beings.  And Godlike they are!    Thank goodness for Kate's utility belt!

Very nice indeed.

Birds of Prey #13

I didn't know quite what to make of all of this.  The Birds are still recovering from the effects of Ivy's little present, when Katanna is attacked and robbed of her sword.  Someone whom I can only assume is this new DC Universe's version of the Black Condor ends up with it.  And then she is attacked by the standard bunch of nasty ninjas and assorted assassins, but fortunately the rest of the Birds show up to help out. 

Although, as much as Starling may enjoy a spot of torture, from the way that the guy on the last page is smiling, I'm pretty sure that he has something up his proverbial sleeve/
Green Lantern: New Guardians #13

Well, now that they have discovered that Kyle seems to be able to access all of the various Ring Emotions, they've gone to work to try and prepare him for it, so Atrocitus is trying to get him really really angry.  It takes a good long while, but he finally does succeed at getting poor Kyle monumentally pissed off.  Unfortunately for Carol, he's staying pissed off, as he prepares to go and get some help from Arkillo in how to install some fear, which will probably be next issue's plot.

Meanwhile the Third Army is spreading all over the place.  Space Zombies are so hard to get rid of. 

Not a bad issue, at least some things happened.  I can't help but think that the whole "Third Army" storyline is spinning its wheels just a tad.

Justice League #13

Well, Diana and Clark are still smooching as we begin this issue.  And then she stalks off in a huff.  Oh those Amazons.  So moody. 

Then she goes and fights Cheetah, who is actually her good friend Barbara, who was accidentally turned into the Cheetah, but she likes it better this way, and they yell at each other and scratch a lot for a while.  Cheetah has also acquired a tail, and I'm not actually sure if she is wearing a costume or just running around in her pelt.

Then Batman and Aquaman go and visit poor Steve in his hospital room and want some information, while up in the Satellite of Love, Superman and Wonder Woman confront each other, after sending Barry and Cyborg out of the room.  The latter two find this a little weird, especially since Cyborg can hear everything that they are saying anyway. Still, he and Barry have a nice bonding moment.

After a few token protests, the whole gang decides to go along and help Wonder Woman, so they end up in a nasty old jungle and naturally get attacked, and Cheetah bites Superman and turns HIM into a Super-Cheetah!  Exactly how she is able to do this,since I would assume that his skin is still unbitable, is not explained.

Also in the backup feature, Steve is being ridiculed on television for being dumped by Wondie...again, and Amanda Waller looking far too svelte comes and strokes his ego for a bit.  Also Ollie shows up, being something of a jackass, but hey...that's Ollie.  I'm actually more interested in what Steve and Ollie are going to be doing than the League.

Wonder Woman #13

Now this I enjoyed.  Diana is far more self-possessed and competent than she is over in the Justice League. 

Apollo has called some of his siblings together, at least ones that have been sired by Zeus, although Hermes is nowhere to be found,and Athena declines to make an appearance.  Meanwhile, at Diana's place, Zola and Hera aren't gettting along at all, which is hardly to be expected.  Lennox on the other hand, is healing nicely.    He is also the one who tells Diana about yet another sibling, by name of Siracca, The Wind.  For a reason that I don't fully understand, Diana decides to go look her up.

She ends up in Libya where she manages to take out a cadre of rebels without breaking a sweat, and then finds a little girl, whom she swears to protect and help.  The kid leads her to an underground palace of a sort, but they are attacked and the little girl is hurt and then turns to dust in Diana's arms.  Well wouldn't you know that she was actually Siracca, and she's all cranky and stuff. 

I do want to see what is going to happen next.  The art isn't Cliff Chiang this month, but Tony Akins does a pretty good job filling in.

And my absolute Favorite Book of the Week...

The Mighty Thor #21

We finally come to the finale of "Everything Burns".  And boy howdy, does it. 

Loki has managed to find Leah, but the two of them are seconds away from being roasted by Surtur, and Loki is just about to get his first liplock, when Thor and his Handy Horde of the Dead show up.  This includes, Bill, born of Bills, and his rifle.  Gosh, I love Bill.

Loki is confused, but never completely out of tricks, and he and Leah manage to try one last desperate gambit.  They manage to make their way to Otherworld, and Wilson, and the Manchester Gods, whom he helped against King Arthur and that lot.  It turns out that the Manchester gods, are unwittingly helping supply Surtur with power, and Loki manages to convince them that they need to cut the connection.  It also means that they are committing suicide, but hey, they are actually pretty good g;uys and they do it.  They die with Loki's name on their lips,and Surtur is deprived of a lot of his power. 

Naturally he doesn't let this stop him, and he's about  to stomp on Thor, when Loki and Leah show up.  Thor is still thor...sorry, SORE at the way that Loki tricked him into basically dying and all, but Loki manages to show him the shadow blade, which is somehow drawn to Mjollnir...and Thor comes up with a trick of his own.

So, with Leah sitting on Loki's shoulders, disguised as Freyja, they call Odin away from his sulking.  Odin isn't too happy about it, but what the heck.  And then Thor defeats Surtur, and all that nasty energy that Surtur was storing  is taken care of by Odin, so the Nine Worlds are saved, and all they have to worry about now, is how pissed Odin is.

And there is a happy happy ending. 

Except that Daimon Hellstrom, who naturally is still shirtless shows up in Leah's cave, and is babbling that Mephisto has managed to get his paws on that little old crown that Loki made to fool the Elder Gods, and boy, things are not going to be good after all. 

Dammit,  I love this book.  Best thing that Marvel is putting out, in my humble opinion. 

And there you have it!  I hope you all had a good week too!


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