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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh Wednesday

Sweet sweet Wednesday.  You do make the middle of the week so...bearable. 

Am I alone in my love for this particular day of the Week?  It's something to look forward to, an oasis between the agony of Monday morning and the bliss of Friday afternoon.  Comics!  Comics, my friends, in all of  their four-color glory.  Well it's actually all digital nowadays, but you know what I mean.  Do you all have a routine on Wednesdays?

I slither out of work, more or less promptly at 2:00 and immediately race down to my beloved local Comic Book Shoppe, where they have already pulled my books and have them waiting.  Then of course I have to go and peruse the NEW books since I might have missed something.  For example I completely forgot that Hawkeye was coming out last week and had to wait until this week to get it.  And you never know what is going to catch your eye.

Then I wander over to the desk, and engage in witty conversation, or at least discuss who is writing what, and check out the spoils from the latest convention and stuff.  As much as I enjoy exploring the internet, it is awfully fun to actually interact with people once a week about comics.  I'm even more or less accepted, since I've been coming here for years, and they are used to me...plus I'm OLD, and I've been collecting since before some of these g;uys were born!  So there. 

Then I hop in my silver chariot and buzz on home, make a snack, put on some music, and sack out in my big leather chair, and it is utter bliss for the rest of the afternoon.  I usually

 DON'T make a fancy dinner on Wednesdays, I can tell you that! 

So...what do YOU all do?


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Saxon Brenton said...

I buy my comics on Thursday. This is beacuse I'm in Australia, and therefore it's already tomorrow on this side of the international date line. I leave work around 4pm, walk up the hill from Haymarket to the comic shop in the centre of Sydney city. I collect anything in my pull, plus browse for impulse buys. Then I meet some friends for dinner, a Thursday night social event we've been doing for more than a decade (longer in the case of the others, since the current three person group is the remains of a much larger SF/fantasy/comics Thursday evening get-togther). Occasionally two of us meet in the comic shop along the way, and we'll go and check out any interesting new arrivals at the SF/fantasy book store. Then we redezvous at a local cafe at Town Hall railway station and decide which restraunt we'll have dinner at. Over dinner we discuss nerdish things. After dinner I go home, plonk myself up in bed and read my comics.

At 8:01 PM, Blogger snell said...

I either sneak in before work, go immediately after work (4pm-7pm, depending on the week), or finagle the whole day off. Then I put my comics in order--from anticipated worst to anticipated best (Fact: Fantastic Four is always last, no matter what!). I trundle off to Taco Bell, read the first four with whatever cheap crappy imitation but delicious Mexican I choose. Than it's off to home, the coach, and seeing how long I can resist the Diet Mountain Dew & Cool Ranch Doritos as I wallow...

At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’ve heretically come to prefer digital comics, so around mid-afternoon I fire up the iPad and tell it to download the titles that interest me. Then I tuck it away until I get home, where I curl up on the couch with snacks and read everything, from the ones I expect least of to the most anticipated.

– Jack of Spades

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

Ah, comic book day! I too am old, and have partaken in this ritual in a variety of locales for decades. Currently, I am fortunate enough to be able to run to the comic shop on my lunch hour, unless providentially hindered. I get my pull, peruse the new racks, and then wander around looking at toys for 20 minutes or so (my shop has an extensive vintage/new toy section), occasionally picking up something. I ring up, and head back to work. I typically go at lunch because my shop doesn't get a lot of shelf copies, so you can't be absolutely sure you'll get the less popular books unless they're on your pull or you get 'em before they sell out. I'm fortunate in that there are several shops in my area, and I can hit others if something is sold out, but I don't get a discount on them that way.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It's nice to have a ritual...a ceremony as it were. Comics are important, dammit!

At 12:19 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Nowadays there isn't much of a ritual, since I get them mailed to me about once a month. In the past it was typical I'd swing by as soon as my class schedule allowed, and buy my books. If I could, I'd stick around a couple of hours just to shoot the breeze with the owner and some of my friends. I didn't usually get around to reading them until that evening.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Once a month? How on earth do you manage to be so patient?


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