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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tiny Tiny Reviews

Not a lot to review today, since I only ended up getting a grand total of Four comics. But Oh! What comics they were!

We begin with Booster Gold #22. Booster and Rip are trying to figure out what happened to Dick Grayson, the new Batman, the Black Beetle is skulking around causing lots of trouble, and Booster has to go back and help out the newly-formed Teen Titans. Both Booster and Rip run into a smidgeon of trouble.

In the back-up story, of Blue Beetle, Jaime continues to fight the robots, while dealing with a rather more bloodthirsty-than-originally-Scarab. He does end up tricking the aforesaid robots, and manages to blow up the school,much to Paco's delight. Alas, school is NOT cancelled. I would imagine that most schools in the DC Universe have back-up plans just for this very occasion. Meanwhile, Paco and Brenda continue to snipe at one another, much to Jaime's displeasure.


What REALLY thrills me to no end, is that Milagro is shown playing with a Blue Beetle Action Figure, which you would think would be quite natural...AND an Action figure of Guy Gardner! Be still my heart. Oh Jaime's family, you are the best new characters created in a very very long time.

Next of course, we have Green Lantern #43. Let's just say that I am agog. AGOG with delight. More on that tomorrow.


I also picked up the Superman: World of New Krypton, because dammit, it's good. Cal El is on trial for treason, puts on his defense, is given every excuse to cut and run, and stays, because he's still Clark deep down. Heck, he even impresses the hell out of Zod. Good stuff.

And finally, I picked up the first issue of the new Wednesday Comics. It is printed on old-fashioned newsprint, and actually LOOKS like a folded up newspaper, while on each page, is printed a chapter in a variety of different stories, beginnning with Batman, then Kamandi, Superman, Deadman, Green Lantern, Metamorpho, Teen Titans, Strange Adventures (with Adam Strange), Supergirl, Metal Men, Wonder Woman, Sgt. Rock, the Flash, Demon/Cat Woman and finally Hawkman.

This...this is PHENOMENAL! The artwork and the stories are simply gorgeous, and alternately interesting, funny, suspenseful,and on and on. This must be one of the finest things that DC has done in quite a while, and frankly, if they continue week after week with work of this high quality, then I am HOOKED! Beautiful, go out and try and find one. You won't be sorry.

Ten Thumbs Up!


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