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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #38

Each month, I read the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps, and think to myself that Tomasi and Gleason can't possibly top themselves, only to be surprised when they do it again the next month. And here,they've surpassed themselves again.

Holy Guacamole!

As you all recall,the Green Lanterns have more or less quelled the riot in the sciencells, although at great cost, and Scar, the traitorous Guardian has seized this moment to destroy the great protective shell surrounding Oa. Naturally, this leads to some concern on the part of the surviving Lanterns, the rookies are starting to panic, Kyle is troubled,and Guy is waxing philosophical, while Salaak isn't getting much in the way of answers. Kilowog decides that there's no use crying over it and to man up and start putting out the fires...in some cases, quite literally. Meanwhile, the Alpha Lanterns apparently have...and agenda.

Back on Korugar, Soranik is dealing with the revelation that Sinestro is her father. Iolande rather sensibly is wondering if it is all just a trick, but Soranik is pretty darned certain, and I suppose that she'd know. But she also feels that her Foster parents were the ones that raised her, and her natural parents...including her mother, can go jump in a lake.

Over on Daxam, the newly empowered populace is making short work of the Sinestro Corps, and prudently, Mongul decides that perhaps Daxam isn't exactly the best answer to his problems after all, and decides to evacuate.

The guardians and the rest of the Lanterns returning from their little brouhaha with Larfleeze receive something of a surprise when they look up and notice that the protective barrier around Oa is missing. However, true to their dickish nature, they pretend that nothing untoward has happened. What is WITH those guys lately?

The rest of the Lanterns are concerning themselves with mopping up the mess after the riot, when Salaak quietly informs Guy and Kyle that...something odd is going on with the recaptured prisoners and the Alpha Lanterns. Uneasy, Guy and Kyle boogey over and discover that the Alphas are methodically executing the prisoners, by authority of the Guardians! Naturally our boys aren't having any of THAT going on, and they immediately dive in and start yelling.

I wish...I WISH I had a scanner that was functioning,because this may be one of my favorite panels ever. Kyle is yelling what the Hell are they up to, while Guy goes up behind Chaselon/Alpha and KICKS him in his crystalline ass. It...it is such a
Perfect Guy thing to do. This is one of the reasons why I love Pat Gleason as an artist so much. He puts so MUCH into each panel, often little throwaway moments that may not need to be there, but add so much to the characters.

Anyway...Kyle and Guy are simply outraged that the Guardians are executing helpless and unarmed prisoners without due process...especially since some of those prisoners actually helped them in the riot, such as Kanjar Ro and Bolphunga. They keep trying to reason with the Alphas, to little avail, when Scar shows up and rips the roof off of the building, and proudly shows off to all the assembled Lanterns exactly what the Guardians are doing. I get the impression that they are all uneasy,but don't know exactly how to react. Lanterns are conditioned to obey the Guardians after all. Poor Kyle just can't believe what is going on, while Guy is a little more pragmatic, when Scar decides that she doesn't need to deal with these two troublesome Honor Lanterns, and teleports them back to Earth.

Just in time for Blackest Night.

I knew that the Guardians were being little rotters for sending Larfleeze after Ganthet and Sayd, but when they start picking on my favorite boys...They Have Gone Too Far! I hope, I REALLY hope that those miserable little blue munchkins get what's coming to them.


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous wik said...

truth be told, any punishment handed out to the Li'l Bastards Blue isn't enough considering all they have done or would do...
also, how dense do they have to be not to notice Scar's 'inactivity' and tendency to remain absent when there isn't a hiding spot left, 'headache' or not, in the middle of a nasty situation all around her? it doesn't take Batman to notice that the person who takes charge the moment morals have to be chucked out (in Kyle and Guy's case, literally) is the same one who is hidden away when mysterious events cause the collapse of Oa and all things inside with the sort of power and inside access only a Guardian would have...
Also, how many of these Guardians remember that it was Kyle, Ganthet and the Zamarons who were responsible for their existing?
Ok, rant over. for now... until the next time those assholes do something to prove Sinestro right when he says Hal will have to take them down no matter what.

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Sheol said...

I have been following this amazing blog for a while now, from Spain, and let me tell you thanks for this amazing job. True, I have not really read this post, because I usually wait for GL Corps (not GL)to be translated in Spain, but well... :P I really enjoy this blog.

At any rate, does someone remember Charlie Vicker? What the hell happened with that dude? Why does Hal never mention him? Or Stewart? He was a Darkstar, wasn´t he?

Granted, he was no Guy Gardner, but still...

At 10:18 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Wik, you raise a very valid point. The rest of the Guardians are acting dumber than the proverbial box of hair, if they haven't figured out yet that Scar is Up To No Good. Of course,it seems as though some of the other Guardians are starting to fight amongst themselves as well, so the whole BUNCH of them are behaving despicably.

But that stunt they pulled with Ganthet and Sayd and the Blue Hope Corps just really burns my buttons.

Stupid Guardians.

Gracias for the kind words, Sheol. I haven't seen Charlie Vickers mentioned in an awfully long time. I'm not too surprised that Hal doesn't mention him, however, since Hal's attention span is on the...short side.

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie Vicker became a Darkstar and died in battle against Grayven a few years ago.


That said, the Fallen Lanterns page from GL/SINESTRO CORPS SECRET FILES lists Charlie as presumed dead... not actually dead.... Sterling Gates had hinted there was - something - that involved Charlie and four other "presumed deceased" Lanterns, but nothing's surfaced yet.

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Generic Viagra said...

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