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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #27

< Guy and Kyle

God, I love this cover.

Another little gem from Mr. Tomasi. Luke Ross is taking over the penciling chores from Pat Gleason for a few issues, I believe, and he does a very nice job, although I have to admit that I'm so used to seeing Guy portrayed by Gleason, that it looks...odd for a bit, to see him drawn by someone else.

Anyhoo. Mongul is defeated, and unfortunately, Bzzd didn't survive the encounter. This depresses me more than I can say, except that he went out as a true hero. Oh, and Guy and Kyle are having their grand opening of the new version of Warriors on Oa.

Heehee! Guy is obviously in his element, while Kyle just as obviously doesn't have a clue. I was pleased to see that there is a long line out front and Kilowog is standing at the head of it.

Bzzd meanwhile, having had a nice funeral, is being inducted into the Crypt, by Morro, who always takes such care in doing things right. I like Morro, he's an interesting character. He is a little startled however, when Saarek shows up and starts babbling about talking to the dead. I get the distinct impression that Morro is a tad on the skeptical side, at least at first, until Saarek says high from Morro's dead brother Marrg. Apparently, the Dead are getting cold. And restless. This does not bode well.

Back at the bar, it is pretty obvious that the boys have had a banner night. I thought I'd throw in this scan, purely for the fact that Kyle's behind is just gorgeous.

<Guy pictures

Well that, and Guy scarfing all the peanuts.

Funny that they should mention Mongul and his digestion. Turns out that Mongul isn't completely devoured. They probably should have taken his rings before leaving, but with all the kerfuffle over Bzzd, I guess they just forgot. Like this isn't going to come back and haunt them eventually.

So, Guy and Kyle are still having their post mortem at the bar, when Guy's ring goes off with a reminder that there are "fourteen days remaining to Big Apple Excursion". Kyle of course, is curious, but Guy gets all shifty-eyed and tries to change the subject. Naturally, Kyle won't let it go, and Guy finally admits that it's a reminder of his upcoming date with Tora, and that he's going to take a week or so off, and Kyle had better mind the till. They have a final toast to themselves, and Kyle wanders off into the dawn, not forgetting to have his ring conjure up some Raybans. Guy continues to clean up, and discovers something unsettling in the trash.
< Guy pictures
Unsettling, indeed!

On the planet of Citcaatana, which is populated by adorable polar bears who live in the cutest little igloos you ever saw, some very dire things are occuring.

Kilowog and Kyle are on a nearby moon of Oa, helping to train some rookies. This is interesting, as I never knew that Oa HAD a moon or moons. I suppose that it also makes sense to have training areas there, as it would cut down on the chance of damage to Oa itself. I also imagine that all of the various Green Lanterns who are suffering from hangovers appreciate it even more.

Soranik Natu just HAPPENS to wander by. Yeah right. She says she wants to check up on some of the GL's that she's helped heal before they head out to their respective sectors, but it is pretty obvious that she really wants to sneak a peek at Kyle's buttocks. And who can blame her? To the unconcealed delight of the recruits, she and Kyle start throwing innuendoes back and forth at each other. What brought this on? A sudden realization of her own mortality? A distaste for bedpans? Iolande turned her down? Guy turned her down? The fact that Kyle is right there, and utterly adorable?

Too bad that it starts to rain. EYEBALLS! Eeeuuw, yuck! As Green Lanterns, there isn't too much that they haven't seen, but even they are grossed out. Being a doctor, the first thing that Soranik does is analyze the DNA in the various bodyparts, and they discover to their horror that they are all relatives of assorted Green Lanterns. Guess somebody in the Sinestro Corps is still hacked off. This is further hinted at by the fact that the Parallax symbol was reflected in the eyeballs of the victims. Saarek shows up and manages to use his "speaking to the Dead" mumbo jumbo to show the face of their killer.

He ain't pretty.

As usual, it is an excellent issue. Tomasi really has a flair for good dialogue and characterization, and the art is very pretty. Blackest Night is really starting to loom up on the horizon.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Is it silly that seeing Guy so in-charge and so picky about the little details of his bar makes me all giddy inside? Proper beer-pouring technique, indeed. I have special love for Kilowog telling the rookies that it's okay to grieve hysterically. He would know, wouldn't he?

I'm also wondering if maybe Tora isn't going to end up being the bar manager, since Guy is intent on it being someone they can trust. If they do get married, she'll need something constructive to do on Oa, or else it'll be a heck of a long distance marriage. The babies can become official bar mascots. "Beer" is a great first word for a baby to have!

The Soranik and Kyle thing still seems to be coming way out of left field. I'm not saying I'm against it, I just wouldn't have expected it at all if not for seeing October's solicits. They were cute, though. I guess if they stick together, it'll be a good thing that Guy is around to keep them cheery because otherwise I think they both have a tendency to brood a little too much.

Also, am I just missing something, or was Kyle's sketch of any Lantern in particular? Obviously it's a disturbing little sketch, but I didn't recognize the face of the victim there. (I'm guessing that this will be the basis for the disagreement he and Guy are supposed to be having soon or something?)

I'm so hyped up for Blackest Night! I love storylines that brew for ages before climaxing. DC is playing this all spectacularly.

At 5:34 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The bar is fabulous, and I too love seeing Guy in his element, and Kyle so befuddled. I looked for Stupidcat, but they kept him off-panel.

I thought about Tora, as they are obviously setting something up, with mention of a manager, but I'm not really sure that Tora has any experience in running a bar. They SHOULD get Arisia in there, that's for sure, she used to help run the old Warriors after all.

Yeah, the Soranik/Kyle flirtation seemed to happen awfully fast. Maybe her best friend just got married back on Korugar, and she realized she's not getting any younger or something. And Kyle's been in something of a rut, and Donna's dumped him again.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger notintheface said...

I love the way Tomasi keeps having Guy refer to Mongul as "that yellow bastard". Nice Miller nod.

Not thrilled about the Soranik/Kyle flirtation, if only for the sole reason that I really like Soranik as a GL character, and practically all of the women directly involved in Kyle's life tend to take the ol' dirt nap. I'm betting the Soranik/Kyle thing will only be momentary, though.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Rest assured, Stupidcat was just off-panel, knocking peanuts around on the floor, or possibly just sitting there looking very authoritative and cat-like. :)

Yeah, Tora doesn't really have any business experience, and I'd really rather see her take a more active role anyway, since she always seemed to enjoy superheroing. But whatever gets her closer to Guy is fine by me. And it would be nice to see Arisia involved again. I'm still a bit annoyed that she and Guy haven't said so much as two words to each other on-panel since her return.

At 5:43 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Notintheface, I didn't even notice that! Heh.

Yeah, Dusk, I'm still waiting for my Guy/Arisia talk. *sigh*

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, I never pegged Soranik as going for someone like Kyle. It's probably some sort of lead-up to the Sapphire story. Maybe Soranik is being influenced. Mwaaa, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa! ;-)

At 6:57 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The Kyle/Soranik flirtation did seem to come out of left field a bit,didn't it? I mean, I can understand that Kyle likes her, but Kyle likes everybody. But they had actually set up Guy as the one who was flirting with her...albeit in his own "special" way.


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