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Monday, August 11, 2008

When Best Friends Disagree

So...in the solicits for October, there is a tantalizing little snippet of information concerning the romantic interests of both Guy Gardner and Tora Olafsdottir. To all the hidden Romantics out there, I say...huzzah! Now that Tora has had some time alone to sit in her nice new apartment and dwell on the fact that Guy ran off to Oa, she's apparently come around the realization that she should STOP wasting time, and go out with the boy already.

I fully admit that I simply adore Guy and Tora together, and I'm SO glad that she isn't dead anymore. They've had their ups and downs certainly over the years, but considering the amount of terrible crap that has happened to Guy over the years, it was always a little comforting to think that at least he had Tora. For most of the time at least. Which is a whole lot better than Hal's, John's or Kyle's track records when it comes to affairs of the heart. I really shouldn't be throwing poor John into the same category as Hal and Kyle I suppose, he was happily married to Katma Tui before Star Sapphire had to go and prove how badass she was, by killing her in her kitchen off-panel in an obscure title that wasn't even...well, I don't want to raise my blood pressure TOO badly by going into how stupid Katma's death was. But needless to say, John's love life is as crappy as MOST Green Lanterns.

Kyle's had a rough time too, although at least he's not actively going around seducing people like Hal. But Kyle's Kiss OF Death, however inadvertent it may be, is well documented. For a while there, I was thinking that it might be nice if he and Arisia hooked up, and then I realized that I LIKE Arisisa, and since she's newly back from the dead as well, it would be just as well NOT to have her taking a dirt nap so quickly. Besides, they seem to be pushing her and Sodam Yat as a couple. Frankly, I prefer Kilowog.

Hal's love life has been pretty graphically portrayed throughout the years. I think that we can all agree that Hal, as much as he may appreciate the ladies, will NEVER find one that loves him as much as he loves himself.

But anyway, getting back to Guy and Tora, I can think of ONE person at least who may be less than thrilled, and that would have to be Beatriz. We all know about Bea's opinion of Guy in the old days at least.

I think that her opinion of Guy has improved over the years however. Besides, I always got a rather odd vibe from Bea in the early JLI days concerning Guy at least. There was a hint...just a tiny hint, that she had an...interest in Guy, she was rather honked off when he was in his sweet little girl stage, and fell for Ice initially...she actually yelled at him, because he hadn't chosen her. His reaction...that she scared him...took her quite by surprise. All the insults, and tauntings...it wa almost flirting, is a weird sort of way. If Tora hadn't been in the picture, I wouldn't have been surprised if Guy and Bea had had a relationship LONG before the one they had in Warrior.

But Tora WAS in the picture, and her relationship with Guy was a lot more healthy for him than one with Bea would have necessarily been. And now Tora is back in the picture again, and I'm dying to know what Bea's feelings will be, or if they will even go into her reaction. She's been portrayed as wanting Tora to take things slowly, which I suppose is natural. Is it concern, or even a touch of jealousy? I do think that she will want to do whatever makes Tora happiest. And while he will always be the "crazy" Lantern, Guy has changed a LOT since Tora died. He has his brains back, which is the main thing, and he's a Lantern again, and he's actually made some friends in the meantime, and earned a little respect as well as authority.

So, I guess I can see Beatriz coming around. What will also be interesting is the reactions of Guy's fellow Lanterns. I imagine that Kyle will be thrilled, John will be pleased enough, and I hope to God, that Hal can restrain himself from hitting on Tora.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, yes -- Guy the cuddly, wuddly, widdle teddy bear. ;-) I think you're on to something, Sally -- I think Bea tended to "protest too much," therefore making it appear that she could have gone for Guy. Seriously, Bea definitely comes across as the type who likes bad boys. ;-)

Poor John has more in common with Kyle than with Hal when it comes to his love life. I mean, the only dead love interest that Hal (currently) has is his old childhood sweetheart, Jennifer, who died when Coast City blew up. Personally, though, I think the main reason why John doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment is because he's still mourning for Katma -- and maybe on some level he's still holding out hope for her resurrection. I mean, look at how many other once-dead Lanterns have come back: Hal, Arisia, Kilowog ...

At 5:28 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yeah, John has a pretty crummy love life. There was that blue chick, but that didn't pan out, and there was Rose from Mosaic, but that didn't pan out either, and what really drives me nuts, is that they brought BACK Katma at the end of Mosaic, and then didn't do a thing with her!


Bea and Guy have an interesting relationship. She did seem a little obsessed with him, back in the JLI days. Then they had their little fling in Guy's book, and to which they alluded to...briefly...in JLA, and then it just seemed to peter out. By the time of the whole Omac thing, after Ted dies, it's pretty obvious that they aren't together, and he's a little cranky, so my guess is that she dumped him.

Bea's current love life seems pretty dismal too.

At 7:04 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

I believe the current thinking is that Katma's resurrection was "undone" by Parallax. Poor John. :-(

At 6:42 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Boy, when Hal was Parallaxed, he just rained on EVERYbody's parade!

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

Guy and Bea -- I have a secret fondness for them as a couple, but you know I never really even thought about there being sparks between them early on. I think I always just assumed that it was Tora that Bea wanted (though of course this viewpoint is skewed a little bit by looking back on it after reading all the heavy subtext that Jones wrote in with Bea and Sigrid after Tora's death). But I can definitely see it now that I look. They've sort of got one of those playground-style relationships -- you know, the "I like you so I'm gonna pull your pigtails, nyah" kind of thing. With Bea doing most of the sniping, oddly enough. For all of Guy's interest in lovely ladies, he never really seemed all that interested in Bea until they hooked up much later (or maybe he was just smart enough to know that messing around with your girlfriend's best friend is not a good idea).

I'm a little worried that no writer will ever mention their relationship again. It was interesting and made for good character growth at the time -- now I'd like to know what happened to make them break up. And I'm curious as to what Tora thinks about it. I suspect she might be glad that her two favorite people weren't alone without her, but it has to be weird to think about now, especially if it feels to her like she was never gone at all.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh, there were definitely sparks. But as you say, it would be a shame if the writers just swept that whole relationship between Guy and Bea that happened in Warriors under the rug.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger K. D. Bryan said...

Heck, I'll just be happy if the new Guy & Ice relationship lasts more than a year but I'm a cynical cuss.


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