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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yes, Brothers and Sisters, I have cast off the shackles of Victorian and Edwardian repression, and stepped firmly into the Future! Hello, Roaring Twenties! After more than thirty years, I have CUT my hair! I have cast off my corsets and petticoats, and soon will riding in a "roadster" and listening to "jazz", while drinking bathtub gin. I'll still wear gloves and a hat to go out and get the paper and the mail, because even I have standards, but all those cloche hats in the attic are going to FIT now!

A number of times in my misspent youth, I was informed that I rather resembled Linda Carter. Those days are past me now, but I DO have Soranik Natu's hairstyle. And I'll need a lot less shampoo.

Moving right along:
Green Lanterns

This is a very cool picture of Soranik, by Pat Gleason.

I like Soranik. I've liked her from the start. She's smart, talented, slightly superstitious, but extremely competent and she doesn't take guff from anybody, including Guy Gardner, Salakk, Kilowog and Iolande. I like her costume too, she's actually covered instead of flying all over the universe in a bikini or mini-skirt.

I really like the fact that she's gone back incognito to Korugar, trying to do her small bit to educate and help people. She and Guy were the ones who figured out what was wrong with Mogo! I'm beginning to think however, that it wasn't Despotillis that was infecting Mogo at all. It was described as a fungus, and Despotillis is a virus. I'm more inclined to think that it was Despotillis that infected Kyle's Mother, since Soranik was helpless when it came to that diagnosis, and she was able to winkle out what was the problem with Mogo pretty darned quickly. Sinestro has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve!

Well, pip pip and all that. I've gone with the other Sufferagettes to handcuff ourselves to the railngs outside of DC and demand the vote.


At 5:47 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Congrats, Sally! I've had short hair all my life. The one time I tried to grow it out, it drove me nuts with all of the tangles, and always getting in my face ... Short hair definitely feels more, well, FREE.

Lynda Carter, eh? Hope my husband never meets you -- nah, just kidding. ;-) Funny -- when I was younger, I was often told I resembled Denise Crosby with brown hair.

And, yes, Soranik Natu ROCKS. I hope she gets to kick Sinestro's butt in the near future.

At 6:25 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Ah...when we were young. Having four kids does things to one's figure.

I am growing more and more fond of Soranik. I still wish that they'd bring back Katma, I think the two of them would make for an awesome team. Even Sinestro would run screaming from them. Throw in Iolande and they'd be the Green Lantern version of Charlie's Angels.

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

And the Sinestro Corps special comes out tomorrow! Aren't you ecstatic? :-) I expect to read your full review by this weekend! No pressure, though. ;-)

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Natu goes up to 11, and stays there. Totally agreed.

2) You are engaged in the movie cliche of demonstrating the passage of time by having characters sport shorter and shorter haircuts. Even the bad guy in "The Final Sacrifice" did that. (Oddly enough, Rowsdower's hockey hair remained the same length throughout, subtly implying that he is an immortal, perhaps even a hero out of Native American legend.)

At 7:37 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Hah! Not only have I shortened my hair, but I have RAISED my skirts, Sir! You can now see my ankles.

At 8:18 PM, Blogger FoldedSoup said...

Ankles, you say?

*Rowr Rowr!*

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you be able to explain the Katma Tui allure? There's a stretch of GL lore that I missed (most of the Englehart era) and I'm sure that's the problem here.

From what I recall, Katma was essentially "the girl" in the GLC for the longest time, and was most often someone for Hal to get real creepy with (since Korugarians don't kiss, Hal could slip her the ol' tongue and she was emotionally neutral to it). Later, in such Englehart stories I read, Katma was portrayed as sort of alienly aloof, but with a growing romantic interest in John. Then apparently they got married and shortly after she got killed off. (Then later, in retcons, Katma had been the leader of the Sinestro-Youth but turned on him.)

From what I saw, Katma was never fleshed out the way Natu was. Am I wrong about this? Is the desire to see Katma's return primarily a matter of nostalgia or was she written with the care that Natu is? I guess I'm ultimately wondering whether I should go back and buy up the Englehart run -- and knowing this will involve Jailbait Arisia and Joe Staton art, I really, really don't want to if I don't have to.

At 6:00 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, Hal occasionally snuck a snog from Katma, but she liked him (though not romantically), so she tolerated it. She was definitely one of Hal’s closest colleagues in the Corps, and was even acquainted with Green Arrow and Black Canary. Later, when Hal quit the Corps to be with Carol Ferris (pre-Crisis), Katma got SEVERELY pissed off at Hal because, originally, he had talked her into leaving her fiance on Korugar to join the Corps. To Katma, Hal leaving the Corps over Carol was a betrayal to both Katma and the Corps. When the Guardians recruited John Stewart to full-time duty to replace Hal, they assigned Katma as his trainer, since she was already accustomed to the “idiosyncracies” of Earthmen. (Katma then got back at Hal in a rather humorous and embarrassing way.) Katma and John eventually fell in love with each other, and Katma acknowledged that her previous disinterest in romance had to do with the fact that she’d never really been in love before, even with her fiance on Korugar. John proposed to Katma during the infamous “Pink Elephants” story (when Guy Gardner got all of the other Earth-assigned Lanterns drunk), and they later married on SuperBowl Sunday (so there’d be less media coverage of the wedding, according to Hal, since John’s identity was public). They really weren’t married very long, though, before the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed (at least for the time being) and the Guardians left with the Zamarons for an alternate dimension, leaving John, Katma, Arisia, and most of the other Lanterns (aside from Hal, Guy, and a few others) without working power rings. Hal and Arisia then moved in with John and Katma in their apartment on Earth (until John told Hal to get off his ass and find a way to get money and his own place – primarily because Katma was tired of Arisia hogging the bathroom, and John was tired of Hal bleeding all over his sofa all the time). When Katma was left alone in the apartment, Star Sapphire appeared. She was looking for Hal, and not finding him, murdered Katma Tui in order to “send a message.” Due to that, and other factors, relations between John and Hal were very strained for a while.


At 6:29 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

That was a VERY succinct summing up, Sea. It really was an incredibly lame-assed way to kill off poor Katma, just another early version of the WiF phenomenon. Afterall, we can't have John be happy, now can we?

I liked Katma, and there really wasn't a good reason to kill he off. She apparently came back in Mosaic, but it didn't seem to stick, much to Ragnell's chagrin.

I loved the "pink elephants" episode, it is really due to Guy that John summoned up the nerve to propose.

Hee hee.


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