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Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Ok, Matt from over at "Another damn comic blog" has tagged me. I am supposed to tell you all eight things about myself, and then tag another eight people. Gadzooks!

1...I hate talking on the phone. I do not own a cellphone. I do not plan to own a cellphone. I do not know how to text message. I'm lucky I can get on the computer for heaven's sake! I can possibly see the utility of a cellphone if you have broken down on the side of the Mass Pike, but that's about it. As much can be stated with a card, delivered properly by a footman by carriage as can be said on a cellphone.

2...Gravy. I LOVE gravy. Any kind of gravy. On just about anything or just mopped up with a piece of bread. Gravy is nature's most perfect food. Heck a simple bowl of gravy and a spoon is a darn fine idea.

3...I like antiques, and rearranging the furniture. This is a little hard on my dog, since she's old and mostly blind. It is also a bit hard on my husband and kids, when they come home late, and the lights are out. Oops.

4...I have an entire room in my house devoted to comics, their storage, my drawing table, and display space for the trades and collections and my action figures. I...I love my room.

5...I actually do have a gazebo, and furthermore, I use it. Still need to finish painting it to match the veranda on the front of the house though. It has lots of gingerbread trim, and I'm using four different colors...and so on and so forth.

6...Westerns have been quite neglected lately in both comics and movies/television. Thank goodness for Jonah Hex. I really wish that I could find all those thirty-year old Lt. Blueberry's, but they are all published in French, dagnabit.

7...I have naturally curly dark hair, that is starting to go grey. Or as I prefer to refer to it, as going slowly...ever so slowly, platinum blonde. I can also roll my tongue AND turn it over, AND touch my nose. I also have very dainty ears.

8...I love comics far more than any sane woman should.

So...should I tag in return? Diamondrock, you look pretty vulnerable, as does Kalinara, Shelly and Ragnell. FoldedSoup is now is trouble, along with Bully and Rachelle. I know that's not eight, but I'm tired.

And in closing:

Green Lanterns
Guy Gardner, as depicted by the inimitable Pat Gleason. Ain't it purty?


At 9:30 AM, Blogger googum said...

I'm not sure on this one, but I think Epic Comics reprinted some--at least four issues?--of those Blueberry's you referred to. I'm all about the quarter books, so if they turn up, I'll let you know!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Googam, I do have the Epic reprints, and they are very nice. Unfortunately, they only did it from about half-way through, and the early books are still very very hard to find. I was lucky enough to find "Fort Navajo" that was done in English, and published by Egmont/Methuen, but the rest, through "the Man with the Silver Star" I don't have.


Have you read the Epic versions? Great stuff.


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