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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Green Lantern Corps #11

Oh my. OH MY!! All those little things that have been hinted at since the beginning by Mr. Gibbons are starting to reveal themselves. The subtle clues, the sinister glowing lights, Mogo...it's all starting to make sense now!

The art by Patrick Gleason is of course beautifully done. Sensational opening page, with Guy Gardner struggling to help the inhabitants of Clustral. He had been sent to help out two other Lanterns, namely Tanakata Z and Quond, who unfortunately have been acting in a most strange and reprehensible manner. That is, they cut and run, leaving Guy holding the bag, and he's not particularly happy about it. It is a very strange thing for them to do anyway, since these are the same two lanterns who were so nice and helpful to Vath Sarn quite a number of issues ago.

Soranik Natu and Iolande have their own problems, they've been sent to deal with the Children of the White Lobe. Iolande seems to be a tiny bit full of herself, probably not too uncharacteristic, considering that she IS a Princess after all, but Soranik seems to be fully cabable of cutting her down to size.

Meanwhile...Stel and Green Man are in Sector 3009, and Stel is as confused as a tin man can be. Green Man is acting...strange, and then turns on poor Stel. Things don't go well.

Then, on Mogo, Kilowog is having a delightful reunion with what seems to be the entire population of Bolovax Vix, his home planet that was destroyed. Al Kilowog has to do, is destroy the Guardians the the Lanterns, and then he can be with his family and friends for ever and ever. And look...more glowing thingies all around Mogo.

Meanwhile...Vath is in a seedy bar in Ranagar City, trying to pick up a girl. He's getting a bit of static from some of the bar flies, who don't much appreciate a stranger hitting on their women, but he handles it pretty well. They all seem to think that he's some kind of ex-military, when he transforms and yells that he's in the "Green Lantern Corps!" I just had a shiver of delight. Go Vath!

Unfortunately, Isamot walks in at this point, and the girl who a second ago was all set to run off with Vath, suddenly starts yelling that he's a "Lizard Lover". Well, that seems to be a wee bit harsh! Isamot and Vath fly off together, with Isamot grumbling, "Women, eh?" which I found rather amusing considering his recent past experience. Vath seems to take it surprisingly well, just replying, "Hmmmph. Maybe I need another trip to Mogo."

Don't do it Vath! Mogo is crazy at the moment!

Then we have the Guardians getting all weepy over Salakk, who is probably feeling remarkably uncomfortable. The Guardians are recalling some of the prophecies of the Empire of Tears, the Children of the White Lobe, and Rannx. There is some other information as well, apparently Abin Sur made a boo boo concerning the Empire, which lead to his own death. See? Hal Jordan isn't the only GL to make mistakes! There is also some talk about a Daxamite named Sodam Yat, which I found to be a bit confusing, but I'm sure it will all make sense eventually.

After pouring their little hearts out to Salakk, the Guardians tell him to leave, and to keep all of this to himself. Great. Just what he wants to hear.

There is a rather charming little moment in the cafeteria, with Brik, Boodika, Ke'haan and Arisia sitting around gossiping. Arisisa tries to get Kilowog, just back from Mogo to join them, but he ignores them completely, so the girls get a little snippy. It did make me smile. Unfortunately, Arisia is still wearing the much too small outfit that Guy and Hal rescued her in, which is a shame.

Finally, we end with Guy again, flying to Sector House 268, so that he can find the two renegade Lanterns, and lay down a much deserved whuppin'. Unfortunately, somebody beat him to it...and it's pretty nasty.

This issue just zipped right along, with great action, and all kinds of various threads of plot coming together. Obviously, something very very horrible is about to hit the fan, and my guess is that it is all leading up to the Sinestro Corps somehow.

Great...just Great!


At 10:15 PM, Blogger Toriach said...

The whole bit that the Guardians relate to Salakk refers to a story that Alan Moore wrote back in the '80s for a Green Lantern annual. It details Abin Sur coming to a planet where the Guardians had imprisoned a group of demon like beings called The Empire Of Tears, in search of a crashed space ship. Abin Sur asks the inhabitants for information which he gets but he also gets a nasty little prophecy about the ultimate destruction of the Green Lantern Corps and The Guardians, sometime in the future. Sodom Yat, is a Daxamite (Monel's people) who will in his day be hailed as the greatest Green Lantern ever.

At 7:29 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Greatest Green Lantern ever? Well that will come as a nasty surprise to Hal "I'm the Greatest" Jordan.

Dave Gibbons is working all kinds of references to Alan Moore into his latest story, and it's pretty interesting.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Erich said...

The Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill story that this issue refers to is also a pretty nifty retcon: It explains why Abin Sur was flying in a spaceship when he crashed on earth, instead of using his ring to travel through space. Basically, the Empire of Tears predicted that he would die when his ring failed him in deep space. He scoffed at their prophecy, but it planted a seed of doubt in his mind, which led to him utilizing a ship for spaceflight in order to conserve his ring's energy. After Abin Sur leaves, the creature who had made the prediction commented "Oh yes, I have killed him...though it will take a long time." Years later, of course, Abin Sur did die because of that doubt that they'd instilled in him.


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