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Monday, April 09, 2007

There is Method to Dave Gibbon's Madness

Last night, after being stuffed full of ham and pie and various other delicacies, I decided to go back and re-read ALL of Green Lantern Corps, starting with the Recharge series, and then progressing right into the regular book. I must say, that it works very well, reading it all in one clip. I don't have the patience to wait for the trade, but it is easy to forget details from last months issue.

Mr. Gibbons is up to no good. I didn't even notice when I first read the books, but NOW, I'm finally beginning to pick up on his sly and cunning clues.

In GLC #10, it has pretty much been established that something strange is going on with Mogo, and there is the lovely scene of Kilowog flying through the tiny glowing cloud of what may be the Despotillis virus. HOWEVER...as far back as GLC #2, there is the scene where an increasingly angry and erratic Vath Sarn, is sitting on a rock, telling his woes to a sympathetic Mogo. The art in these scenes is quite lovely, as portrayed by the inimitable Mr. Gleason, and shows Vath surrounded by tiny yellow glowing lights. I originally took these to be fireflies, or something of that nature, in one closeup, the little glowing light does look like a bug. But as Vath leaves, for Oa, there are still shots of the tiny lights, and a gorgeous 3-panel view of Mogo from space, with just a few of those glowing lights.

Now that is a very very strange place to find fireflies!

Next, in GLC #3, a rather desperate Vath is trying to save a planet from flooding all by himself because Isamot is having hormone issues. Fortunately, Quond and Tanakata, two other GL's show up and give him a hand. They both seem like a nice pair of guys.

In GLC #5, apart from the main story with Guy, Soranik Natu ends up going to see Mogo and get over a bit of angst. She's feeling rather anxious and Mogo gives her reassurance, which is all well and good...except all of a sudden the woods are filled with...tiny glowing lights. Soranik hears a hissing in the woods, and startled, she uses her ring to illuminate...Tanakata Z. You remember him, that nice fellow teamed up with Quond. He's on Mogo for a bit of therapy too, but there are still all these little yellow glowing thingies all around...!

In GLC #6, Kilowog is noticed to be unnusually tense, by a surprising mellow Salakk.

GLC #'s 7,8, & 9 were the issues with Keith Champagne, and were primarily a Guy story, so no Mogo. But he comes roaring back with a vengeance in GLC #10. Things are beginning to get very intense for everyone. Salakk is back to being something of a dick, Kilowog is looking stressed beyond belief, and oddly enough, when Guy flies out to give a hand to Tanakata and Quond, they are quite amazingly rude and obnoxious to him. And really, they had no reason to be, since Guy was pretty noncommital when he first flies up and asks if they need a hand. The two of them just go out of their way to be pains, particularly Tanakata.

Then Vath practically forces Isamot into going to see Mogo himself. Isamot's girlfriend couldn't wait to be with him, he had to fly off and save Thanagar or something, and she had to satisfy her little lizard urges RIGHT THEN AND THERE! Isamot is a bit mopey, but for the most part, seems to be taking it fairly well. Vath on the other hand, can't understand why he isn't seething with rage.

"Really, I feel fine now. The Hormone Storm is over. The urge to mate is gone" says Isamot.

"Megge. But the way she CHEATED on you...ANY warm-blooded male's gotta be carryin' a load of anger." is Vath's reply.

"Thing is, buddy, I AIN'T warm-blooded. I'm a reptile."

"Anyway, warm OR cold, Mogo'll help you. Helped ME with all the anger I was holding" says Vath.

And off poor Isamot goes, into the dark spooky woods. The oddly SPARKLING woods! And there in the gloom, Isamot is startled by none other than Green Man, last seen in Recharge. He's standing there, all aloof and slightly creepy, surrounded by the little yellow glowing lights, telling Isamot how...CALM he's feeling.

Isamot is getting seriously spooked by now, and departs hastily.

Meanwhile Tanakata and Quond, decide to just leave, and take off without telling Guy, who is getting seriously pissed himself. Soranik and her new partner Iolande are snipping at each other, and Kilowog finally loses his patience and just lights into the two of them.

And off he flies to go and see Mogo. Again, we have an exquisite shot of Mogo from space, only now it is pretty much surrounded by those odd little lights, a close-up of which, in the last panel is seriously disturbing.

I believe that this is all leading up to the Sinestro story in June. Something is obviously going on with Mogo, and we've heard about the Despotillis virus in the "Tales of the Sinestro Corps" in the back of the latest Green Lantern book. There is one question on my mind however. The Despotillis virus in the short "Tales" story was very deadly, and very immediate in its results. This is either a different form of the virus, or a mutated version or something else again. As each Lantern is infected, they seem to be suffering from enhanced rage and anxiety. Can fear be far behind?


At 6:35 PM, Blogger FoldedSoup said...

Y'know - I was reading the whole Hal GL relaunch thing and enjoyed it enough to get to about issue 12 or so, until Johns kinda dragged me down. He just does that me, for some reason.. did the same thing with Teen Titans. No reflection on how great of a concept I think the GL Corps are.

Never did trust ION as a long standing concept - and nothing will beat the GL Corps comics of the 80s, but that's just me.

But, that being said, I gotta say I enjoy your per-GL issue writings as much as I did the current comics before I dropped them. And it keeps me up with that segment of the DC universe.

Just wanted you to know.. thanks!

At 7:57 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, thank you. I must admit that I do like Hal, although I frequently want to slap him for being a first-class twit. Guy is my favorite though.

I must admit to looking forward to the whole Sinestro Corps thing, that all of the current issues of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Ion are leading up to. It ought to be quite amazing.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Pat said...

hmmmmmmmm.....little yellow lights eh?.
i dont remember putting those in...you must be seeing things.......yes, thats it.
Seeing things.

At 5:13 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

GLOWING lights!

Oh, and all the little sparks from Guy's ring are so cool.


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