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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Veritable Treasure Trove

So...after four years of college and pending graduation, I have decided to dismantle the hallowed altar of my daughter's old bedroom, and actually USE it for something. Naturally she is not pleased, but geez, she's got a job and a car and an apartment of her own for heaven's sake. It's not like I'm setting fire to her old stuffed animals or anything.

Anyway, we did a major swap of bedrooms, and moved all the rest of the kids around, with the end result that I ended up with my son's old bedroom for my own little Fortress of Solitude. My drawing table, pencils, marker and TONS of comic books can move from the old small room into a nice big room, with space for my toys and stuff! Woohoo!

In the act of moving all the tons and tons of comic book boxes, I naturally had to stop and reorganize everything...and then start READING everything. Boy howdy, I have found some stuff that I haven't seen in YEARS! Yes, my housekeeping skills were put on hold. Reading Preacher is much more important that doing the dishes. I've got all these nice built-in shelves and stuff!

So, it is probably going to be nostalgia time for a while here, as I keep unearthing all kinds of strange things. I just found all my Jonah Hex's, next to Swamp Thing, which was piled cheek and jowl with Shade, the Changing Man, and Resurrection Man. Boy, I do seem to have a lot of old Vertigo stuff.

But you'll all be pleased to know that ALL the Green Lanterns are in numerical order, along with the annuals, Green Lantern Quarterly, Green Lantern Corps, and Guy Gardner: Warrior. Then there are the JLI's, Justice League Quarterly, Justice League: Europe, JSA, JLA, JSA:Classified, JLA:Classified and so forth.

Man, I'm glad there are a lot of shelves.


At 9:43 AM, Anonymous oxy moronovich said...

Yeah, that's the thing about moving your comics, you just want to stop and read almost every other comic you pick up. I'll try moving my old Justice League of America issues then I'll get to an interesting issue and say something like, "Hmm, I haven't read this issue where Black Canary joins the JLA for a while. Maybe just a quick peek." Then you end up spending most of the day reading them. Sometimes it feels like a waste but reading is fun-da-mental.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Absolutely. I can't really see it as a waste of time, because it was just so darned enjoyable...and it is amazing how much you can forget, even though you remember the the gist of the story, nothing compares to holding that nice book in your hands, and taking in the scent of gently perishing newsprint.

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Great blog--just discovered it! (Precious few actual GL butts, but I can check the archives...) Recently started trying to get my comics collection into some kind of order, and so I know that distraction of wanting to read every issue...that's what's kept me from doing this long before...now I use reading them all in proper order as a carrot on a stick to get through the project...I DO love that smell of old newsprint...


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