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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back from the Trade Show...with Booty!

Swag. Loot. Really cool stuff. If you were thinking of the other kind of booty, then shame on you!

Yes, this weekend, I took off for Mohegan Sun, here in lovely, cold, wet and raining Connecticut for the NETSA Trade Show. My sweet Baboo, is on the Board of Directors, so we got cool name tags, and folders and stuff. I ate FAR more than I should have, schmoozed with tons of people, and wandered around the booths, picking up cool and not so cool trinkets.

I guess it was kind of like a Comic Book convention, without crazy people. Nobody dressed up in strange costumes, although there were a coupe of Pirelli Girls wandering around. In case nobody knows what NETSA stands for, it is the New England Tire something something. Basically a lot of Tire people. Tire people are fun. Actually more than you would imagine.

There were little bobble-headed Michelin men statues, tiny squishy rubbery tires, lots of pens and things, and a little can from Continental that had paperclips shaped like tires. Cool!

I will say that the food was fabulous, and there is the casino and restaurants and shopping and all that stuff. But no comic books. *sigh* Fortunately, I brought some along, and when my feet started to hurt, I snuck out into the hall, found some soda and a nice chair, and sat and read old JLI's. Got a few weird looks, but I'm old enough, secure enough, and heck, rich enough not to care anymore.

But I am a little "Tired" out. Haw!


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