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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Slightly Late Reviews

I really have no excuse for this, other than moving furniture, and...and stuff.  It was an all Marvel week, which rather surprises me.

Angela: Queen of Hel #4

I've  been liking this book so far, I really just like Sera, and it's nice to have Leah back, but man, this is starting to drag just a little.  They've been fighting in Hel, to presumably free all the dead angels from Heven, sent there, by Freya's curse, after they stole...and supposedly murdered her baby.  I can understand where she might be pissy. 

And there is a quest, and Balder and Tyr and even Skurge show up,which is nice, but still no sign of Hela, although finally...FINALLY she shows up on the final page, and it's a doozy.  Is it okay for me to say that I am actually rooting for Hela to win?  Why the heck would Angela want to rule in Hel?  It doesn't seem that bad a place, it has the Disir, and all those cool characters from Journey into Mystery hanging around doing cool dead stuff.  I would think that Angela would just want to rescue her dead companions, most of whom don't like her all that much in the first place, or at least make a bargain with Hela so that they would be treated a little nicer or something.  Angela is kinda mean to her brothers too. 

I like her supporting cast, but I don't really like Angela herself all that much. She's a bit of a cypher, and one-dimensional.  She only makes bargains, and she cuts people's heads off a lot.  That's about it.  Making her and Aesir hasn't done much to broaden her appeal.  Frankly, I'd like to see her meet her parents for a change.

But anyway, not terrible.

All New Avengers #4

Out of the nine thousand Avengers titles out there, this is the one that I am enjoying the most.  I am a little confused however. In this book, Tony Stark seems to be mostly broke...he's sold the tower and a bunch of his tech, and they are operating out of an abandoned warehouse or something. He DOES convince Jarvis to come back and buttle for them however, which just thrills me to no end.  But in his own book, I'm pretty sure that he is still rich.  Whu huh?

Thor seems to be enjoying herself a whole lot in this book too. She grabs Falcon...er...Captain America and plants a big wet one on him, which startles the heck out of him, but he does enjoy it.  The younger members of the group all stare and get amazed a lot.  They think Vision is a little creepy and robotic, but he's the one who saves the day by stopping the villain Cyclone, who is busy leveling the casinos in Atlantic City.  He's probably just saving the state a ton of money since they will have to be imploding them eventually anyway, but no, he's working for one of those new nefarious  companies that provides Villains-for-Hire. 

It's all fun, and fast paced, and a little tongue in cheek, which is nice. 

Daredevil #3

Well, Matt's witness gets killed, and then Ninjas show up, and brother, Matt sure does hate Ninjas.  His boss isn't happy with him, and he gets demoted to Night Court, which is particularly hard on him, since he does his vigilanting thing at night. As he wonders to himself...he gave up Kirsten and Foggy for this? 

Pretty darned good as usual.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3

I more or less picked this up on a whim when it first came out, and it is a little on the bizarre side.  A giant red Tyranosaurus Rex running around with a little girl in his mouth doesn't really seem to bother people as much as you would think it would.  But he's a pretty cute T-Rex once you get to know him.

Then the new Hulk shows up,and I do believe this has something to do with all the monster hunting he is doing in his own book.  It's fast, it's fun, and it's a hoot.

Squirrel Girl #4

And speaking of hoots...God I do love this book.

Doreen was zapped into the 1960's along with a bunch of other college kids, and it's probably all Doom's doing, and he's managed to go back and change time as well, and things...well things aren't looking too good.  You can't always fight your way out of your problems by throwing squirrels at them. 

And then another Doom from the new future shows up. And oh...I did not see that coming. But I am panting to find out how this all ends.

Hilarious as always.

Saga #33

Well, Saga isn't a Marvel book. But damn, it is a marvelous book.

In this issue we get reintroduced to a pair that we haven't seen in quite a while, mainly, Upsher and Doff, the journalists who figured out what was actually going on, but had their work destroyed by The Brand, who is now dead.  They run about the universe searching for clues and find them, and then of course they run afoul of The Will. 

Man, has he put on some weight.  And no Lying Cat, but he does have the Dog.  Who is awfully cute.  He lets them live, but they are working for him now. 

Not a huge advancement in the plot, but a nice issue to let us know things are still going on, and characters are still a part of the whole picture.  And frankly, I could watch Fiona Staples draw pictures of just about anybody.

So a pretty good week on the whole!


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Shelly S said...

Any week we get the new Saga is a good week!

At 6:54 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

That is very very true.


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