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Sunday, January 03, 2016

What the Hell?

Well... apparently they have killed off Namor. Dammit Marvel... and you were doing so well lately!

Son of a bitch.

 I liked Namor! Yeah, he was a bit of a jerk, but heck...I am a Guy Gardner fan. I have a "type" apparently. And you have to admit that for all his rampages, he did help us fight Hitler. He just wanted us to stop using his underwater kingdom as a toilet... and who can blame him?

Also he wandered around wearing nothing but a pair of green scaly speedos...and I am ALL in favor of that.

He was also one of the oldest comic book characters around.  My only solace is that he'll be back sooner or later... hopefully sooner.  But gee Marvel... this seems more like a DC move, and all I can say is...I am so disappointed in you.

Also... all I got at the comic book store was Howard the Duck... which was a lot of fun as usual. So not much in the way of reviews. But certainly some good old-fashioned nerd rage!


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

FWIW, it may not be the Namor. Also, even if it is, it's not like they won't bring him back when they're ready. It's not like death at Marvel is permanent or anything--unless you're Uncle Ben.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Isn't it Hyperion or some such loser anyway? You'd think they at least would have had his killer be less of an obscure character.

Dang it, I just like Namor! He's so good at snark.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Sorry that a favorite got killed, it always sucks.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger SallyP said...


At 8:17 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Their probably undo it. Didn't they recently undo Black Pather killing him?

At 1:38 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I think that was during that whole giant illuminati crossover thingie, where Name and T'Challa were busy trying to see who could be the bigger jerk. Ordinarily, I would say that Namor would win handily, but Black Panther really gave a run for his money.

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

Did you read the latest Green Lantern Book?
Hal still looks like Space Gambit, but is thankfully behaving like himself again.

He's worrying about is family and sitting around in Coast city hospital ... in his superhero outfit, naturally... Hal's just like that I guess.
Then he goes looking for bats and meets Gordon in the bunny-suit... and calls him out on it, which cracked me up.
And at the end some version of Parallax shows up and gets a bit melodramatic again.

There was some character building and story developement and I found it finally interesting again :)

At 7:30 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Alex, I have actually...and I blush to admit this...given up on Hal's book. It was just so...banal! And I really hate Space Gambit. I am however eagerly awaiting the new Green Lantern Corps book.

Oh God, is Gordon STILL in the bunny suit? I may have to...take a peek.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

Yes, Gordon is still playing Batbunny and Hal gleefully points it out.

He actually is slowly reverting to his old looks and self - in times like this I'm really glad about comics mostly finding back to status quo.

I have to say it is the first Green Lantern book I read in a while, but Hal apparently finally got a shave and has his old haircut back.

He still is wearing that coat and glove, but the book has him recognisable again and some of the old Hal-being-his-usual-self-charm back.

At least in my humble opinion it was a real relieve once in a while :-)


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