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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Reviews

Not a whole lot this week, which seems to becoming the norm for me lately. 


Lucifer #2

I loved the old Carey Lucifer, and was sorry when it ended, so I am happy to say that this new version with Holly Black is pretty darned good so far. Also Lee Garbett is the artist, and I adored him on Loki: Agent of Asgard, so I can still get my fix of tall Otherworldly siblings fighting. 

We have Lucifer back, and Gabriel without his wings, and together they just snark up the place. Terrible things are happening in Oklahoma, and the brothers go back to Hell, where they run into all kinds of trouble, and Mazikeen still has a soft spot for Lucifer.  It's well written, beautifully drawn, and I am IN!

I tried watching the Lucifer television show, and was less than impressed however.  Tom Hiddleston has ruined me for tall dark sarcastic Gods apparently.

Robin: Son of Batman #8

No Pat Gleason on this issue, which surprised me.  This actually seems a bit like a fill-in issue, but it is pretty good.  As Alfred cuts his hair, Damian tells a tale of derring do, as he was still returning relics from his Year of Blood, along with Maya, and they fulfill a prophecy and incidentally run into their older more obnoxious selves and earn a little bit of redemption perhaps. It sure as heck beats the tie-in with the whole Robin War fiasco.

So...pretty good actually.

Sinestro #19

This...is starting to drag a bit. Actually a whole lot.  Not a whole lot has changed since last issue, they are still fighting the Pale Bishops on Earth.  The big cliff hanger was that Superman had been changed into a Sinstro Corp member, but they don't do a whole lot with it, he teams up with Wonder Woman and a lot of other villains and such and they fight, and Sinestro pontificates about how versatile Fear is, and what losers the Green Lantern Corps were, and actually admits that he might have succumbed to just a wee bit of hubris himself. 

But seriously, this is really starting to go on and on and on.  Cullen Bunn could have wrapped this up a couple of issues ago.  I am starting to lose interest.

I seem to be getting a whole lot crankier than I used to be about my comics. 

Hellcat #2

I have to admit that this was my favorite this week.  Patsy is working in a clothing store, and not...doing well.  It does seem awfully terrifying by the way. Her new roomie stops by, she still has so-called fans giving her problems, and Hedy is a real...pain in the butt.  Also a new villainess shows up, who is just out and out stealing stuff, but magically disappears.  And Patsy gets fired for taking too long on her break or fighting crime or something.

So she sends out an SOS to her peeps and everyone shows up at a sandwich shoppe, including Squirrel Girl, Valkyrie, She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Monica Rambeau and America Chavez.  I could read a book about this bunch ALL DAY LONG!  Now that is an Avengers lineup!

The art is adorable, the writing is equally so.  It's nothing too ridiculous but...oh heck it is ridiculous, and that is part of its charm.  I loved this.

Ms. Marvel #3

And speaking of charming, poor Kamala is confronted by Dr. Faustas, who is allied with Hydra, and they are drugging everyone and taking their neighborhood!  Even Bruno! Especially Bruno!  So she has to go and ally with Bruno's new girlfriend Michaela, who is just the cutest little cuddlebug ever.  She's a smart little cuddlebug too, and has Bruno's data and encryption codes on a pendant, and she and Kamala break into the High School, and manage to isolate the virus and make...a cure. 

Yes, that's a bit over the top, but hey, I can completely go with it.

They spray the crown with their anti-Hydra spray, and everyone gets their brains back, and beat up Dr. Faustus.  So...things are saved and back to normal, right?  Well, a lot of people are still mad that Ms. Marvel "endorsed" the pillage of their neighborhood, and don't believe her when she says that it was done without her permission.  But at least they get to go off and eat ice cream, so it ends in a win. 

Lovely as usual.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

I have to agree with you about everything but Sinestro, mainly because I didn't read it.

I am developing the worst crush on Kamala...

At 4:47 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Kamala rocks!


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