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Friday, November 14, 2014

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Oops.  Some of my posting may be a tad on the sporadic side for the next few weeks.  Or, considering how these sorts of things go...maybe a lot of weeks.  We are in the beginning throes of a house remodel, with our main bathroom, and kitchen getting redone, plus a bunch of other stuff.  We just tore down the old sunroom, and screened porch off the back of our 1850 brick Victorian, and it is...amazing.  The sunlight is pouring in from the east and south, and we are in awe.  But we are already two weeks behind, so I am a tad cranky.

But comic books at least are always there for us.  They may be late sometimes too, which is annoying, but usually sooner or later they do arrive.  And they are a whole lot less expensive. 

Batman #36

Well, the entire Justice League has been tainted by Joker Venom, and Batman certainly has his work cut out for him, trying to contain them, and stay alive. Fortunately for him, they are all attacking him one at a time or he'd really be up the creek! 

Superman of course is the scariest, because he's lost whatever restraint he ever had, and is just out and out ruthless.  Good thing that Bruce is prepared.  And then he goes to Arkham, to look for clues. 

Guess who shows up? 

As usual, the art is just gorgeous, and although I'm suffering from a bit of Joker Fatigue, Snyder manages to make him a villainous and terrifying as usual.  In fact even more than usual.  Great stuff.

Green Lantern Corps #36

Well, I certainly didn't see THAT coming!

Justice League United #6

I have to say that I am enjoying this a lot more than the regular Justice League.  Animal Man, and Ollie, and Star Girl are all still working out the kinks, Kara is a bit pushy, but hey, that's just the way she is.  As usual, J'onn is the most lucid, although he is pretty much caught up in trying to shield young Ultra.

Incidentally, young Ultra is the kid that the Legion has travelled back through time to kill, because he gets turned into a monstrous...well...monster and wipes them out in the future.  And after a bit of a mutual tussel, they all unite to fight off another threat, while Kara and Ollie fight with  Byth and a reanimated but crazy Hawkman.  Although with Hawkman, it is a bit hard to tell, since he's usually always a bit out there.

Nice art, and nice mayhem, and heck..a good story.

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #2

In the absence of the regualr Hawkeye book, I am enjoying the heck out of this odd pairup.  It really isn't versus so much as a pairing of oddballs.  Also Kate is in the mix, and SHIELD, and stuff. It's zany of course, but the art is so much fun, and the quips are fun, and oh heck...it's just fun.

Lots and lots of fun.

She-Hulk #10

And speaking of fun...!  It's Jennifer vs Matt Murdock in the battle of the Attorneys, for the reputation of old Captain America!  We get to hear his side of the story, and find out that there is a villain behind all of this...naturally.  And it is plausible, and fun, and it is simply a wonderful book. 

Jen wins, and Cap is acquited.  The part where they figure out who is behind the accusations, and discuss why he went to the two of them in the first place is absolutely a hoot. 

WHY are they ending this book?  It is odd and quirky and hilarious, and has interesting art, and a fabulous story and a great cast.  Obviously we can't have nice things.  Enjoy it while you can!

Thor #2

Well, the female Thor has shown up, and she is fighting the Frost Giants, and figures out how to fly and get off the moon, and all sorts of interesting things.  What is interesting is her inner voice, which seems quite normal for an average young woman, and what she actually says...which is in Asgardian Speak.  Certainly Roxxon and the Frost Giants seem a bit confused. 

A bit of a cliffhanger, as she manages to lose the Hammer.


Still don't know who she actually is, but this is a lot better than I had anticipated it being, so I'm hooked for now.

So, not a huge week, but a pretty decent week, all things considered.


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