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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Very Delayed Reviews

Back from my prolonged vacation, and I hope that you all had a nice Holiday.  Too bad for the kids going back to school.  Great news for their parents!  I had a lovely time, but I'm all camped out and ready to sleep at home again.

So, here are my scintillating reviews of last weeks books...almost in time for this weeks books!

Adventures of Superman #16

Time travel, the destruction of earth, old Lois, and Kamandi of all people.  Delightful as usual.  Why oh why are they cancelling this book?  Oh, and Mxyptlk shows up too.


Aquaman 334.

I did get the "selfie" cover with Arthur sticking his tongue out, because it cracks me up.  Otherwise, not a whole heck of a lot happens, other than Arthur continues to fight the Chimera, who can also summon fishy friends, and there is a lot of destruction and so on and so forth. 

Okay...nothing earthshattering.

Batman '66 #14

God, I do love this book. Usually that means that they are going to cancel it.  But lucky so far.  We have a Bat-Robot, taking care of the Clock King, not to mention Louis the Lilac, and even the Riddler and the Joker!  Bruce and Dick actually get to take some time off, since Bat-Robot is ridding the City of Crime!    But alas, the Bat-Robot is no match for the Joker or the Riddler, with their twisted and maniacal schemes, so its a good thing that the original caped duo is still lurking.


Jonah Hex #34

And so, one of my favorite Western heroes...or at least anti-hero rides off into the sunset.  And dare I say it...something of a happy ending? For Jonah Hex?  Whodathunk?  Drawn absolutely breathtakingly beautifully by Darwyn Cooke, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti's dusty tale comes to a pretty satisfactory close.  I'm a sucker for a happy ending anyway, and this has such a great twist on the ending that we "know" happened to Jonah.


 But I'm going to miss this book a lot.

Red Lanterns #34


Sinestro #5

Well, it's Hal and Sinestro and Parallax...back together again.  And for once, Hal doesn't come out smelling like a rose!  Haw!

I can't help it, I'm rather glad to see Hal NOT be the Best for a change, and Sinestro, with all of his problems is a rather fascinating protagonist.  We shall see where this goes, but if I were Hal, I'd not want to piss Sinestro off TOO much, since I'm sure that he's going to be needing all the allies he can get.  Oh, and Sinestro has managed to figure out how to control Parallax, and saved Hal's life, which I am sure he is going to hold over Hal's head for quite some time.

Pretty darned good.

Saga #22

And speaking of pretty darned good...Klara, who is fast becoming my favorite character, is busy reading all of Geist's books.  Too bad that the translator ring has conked out.  But she's worried about Alana and Marko, and with good reason.  Alana is getting a bit too into the drugs she uses to continue to work, and Marko isn't happy about it, and he spends too much time with one of Hazel's friends mommy, and the two of them seem to be...sadly...drifting apart.

Also, Prince Robot's Dad, is really cranky.  And the janitor who stole his baby is also really really REALLY cranky.  Things don't look too good right now...and it is all so fascinating.

Dang it, it was a really great week!


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