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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It's off to the Comical Book Store for me.  Gosh, I do love the final week of the month, there are always so many goodies to be had.  Plus, I can finally see the final showdown between Guy and Atrocitus.

I probably won't be blogging about it for a few days however, as my Sweet Babboo and I are off to Limerock in lovely western Connecticut for the Historic Races that last five magnificent and rather noisy days.  We are camping on the backstretch, a mere 30' from the track, just above the chicane, where all the Porsches catch a bit of air, which is always fun.  They drive all the 1950's sportscars so very very carefully.  Plus Sir Stirling Moss is coming! 


So I hope that everyone has an absolutely spectacular Labor Day Holiday!

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