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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

And lo, we are back on schedule.

Batwoman #19

I really don't understand exactly why DC thought that the folded covers were going to be so very very shocking.  This one just shows Maggie having nightmares.  It is a very nice cover, but not in the least shocking.

Oh well.

It turns out that young lady with the surf board is actually Cameron's sister, and that their dear old dad was a wannabe superhero, and things didn't...end well.  Probably why Cameron is so down on the super powers set. 

So Maggie is having nightmares, and Kate's dad has revealed the secret to his wife, who rather surprisingly turns out to be incredibly supportive of his endeavors.  Also Flamebird, or Hawkfire, or whatever the hell she is calling herself decidees she can't  work with Kate if she doesn't trust her.  And Kate finally realizes that the D.E.O. is only using her to get to Batman.  Well...duh.

But gosh, what pretty art.  All kinds of things are going on in this issue, basically setting things up for the next story.

Birds of Prey #19

Dinah is worried that Condor has betrayed them to Mister Freeze, who has apparently kidnapped Starling, in order to get to the Court of Owls.  Turns out they used some of his technology and then welshed on paying for it, so he's pretty cranky.  They do get Strix to lead them to the lab, although she's not particularly happy about it. 

And guess what?  It wasn't Condor who was the traitor!  I'm not going to tell you who is IS, because I'm not quite sure that I believe it, but not a bad story.

Fables #128

Bigby is back, and he's not happy.  He's fighting for Snow White against her evil evil former betrothed.  Of course, Snow White stupidly doesn't tell him that any blow against whatshisname actually is a blow against her.  Rose Red realizes this is remarkably stupid, but rather cleverly finds the old flying carpet that had been lying around the wrecked office, and finally manages to rescue her sister.  Bigby is mad as heck, and probably not paying as close attention as he should, and gets turned into a giant crystal statue.

Well crap.  However, I rather doubt that they are going to kill off the Big Bad Wolf quite so easily.  But a darned good story as usual.

Justice League #19

The fold out cover on this one, shows Batman killing Superman with...Kryptonite!  Naturally this is quite shocking.  It also doesn't happen.  Although, Jason and Alfred are having a tender moment in the Bat cave when they are attacked, by someone who manages to bypass all of the rather stringent security measures, and goes right to the secret vault that has all of Bat's little measures against his fellow Leaguers.  Naturally, he runs off with the Superman case. 

Then most of the Justice League is waltzing through the Bat cave as well, which I find a little astonishing.

Meanwhile, the new Atom has been playing around literally IN her video games, before wandering up to the Satellite of Love, where Firestorm is sitting around talking to himself.  Back on Earth, Superman and Wonder Woman have gone into Khandaq and rescued some hostages, but naturally, caused an international incident while doing so, so Batman shows up and points out that he knows they are smooching in the shadows, and that while he doesn't have any problem with it, other people might be alarmed by the two most powerful beings in the galaxy hanging out together.  That really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, since the entire Justice League hangs out together, but what the heck.

Also, Wonder Woman is a whole heck of a lot more arrogant and obnoxious in this book than she is in her own book.  Also Superman is stupid.  Batman surprisingly, is the most reasonable of the lot.  Then for some reason, Despero shows up.

In the Shazaam back up story,  Billy is trying to get back to the Rock so that he can quit, while that lady in the mirror tells him more about Black Adam.  It turns out that Adam was picked as a boy as well, so Billy runs off to start bonding with him.  It doesn't turn out quite as he expected.

Is it me, or are the Justice League acting really moronically lately?

Vibe #3

This is actually turning out to be a nice little book.  I still find this version of Vibe to be a bit bland...he hasn't started break dancing even ONCE!  But I am enjoying Dale Gunn, and the various machinations of Argus, and Amanda Waller.  Also Bart shows up...at least I assume it is Bart, and it may turn out to be interesting.

Wonder Woman #19

God, I love this book.  The cover shows her smooching with Orion, and wonder of wonders...it actually happens in the book!  Although not quite the way that it looks.

So Apollo is still wondering what to do, while Artemis and Dionysus hang out and drink wine.  The First Born makes a deal with his uncle Poseidon, who ends up hanging out with Hades.  Since the two of the elder Gods are making bets and smirking a lot, it probably won't end well for the First Born. 

Zola is trying to think up baby names, and Hera is bonding with the baby, which actually makes sense.  Ares wanders off to get drunk, and Lennox wants to quit.  And Orion naturally just won't stop needling Diana.  I swear to God, that Azzarello is writing Orion as Guy Gardner, and I am loving it.

So....Orion just won't stop with the innuendos, and taunting, and Diana finally has had it, so she marches right up to him and plants a big wet one right on the lips, which certainly startles everyone.  It especially startles Orion, since she also has a firm grip upon his favorite boy parts and threatens to rip them clean off, if he doesn't back off just a tad.  Punching naturally follows.

God, oh God, I love this book.


At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

I was startled by the implied link between Condor and Black Condor of the old DCU. At least I think it's an implied link. For some reason, I had not put all that together. I have to say I like the old DCU Black Condor design (Mohawk version) better than this armored one.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I didn't even catch that...but I rather like the new Condor. I mainly remember the other Condor from Starman, but I liked him too.


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