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Friday, March 22, 2013

Green Lantern: New Guardian #18

Well...we are spinning our wheels just a bit more, as once again Volthoom is busy trying to mess with the minds and pasts of the various Lanterns that he has encountered.  He's just having SO much fun reveling in all the emotion after being locked away for all those millenia by the Guardians. 

I hate to say this, but I am beginning to think that perhaps the Guardians were right to lock this guy up.

This time, after torturing Guy, John and Kyle,  he is going after our favorite Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris.  In his twisted version of her past,  she is having a love/hate relationship with Hal, and decides to stay as a pilot instead of taking over Ferris Air from her father.  Ferris is therefore sold, and a Bad Corporation ;buys it,and that same group is behind the attack, and she's about to blow up her plane...when...

...in the meantime, he's torturing Larfleeze, by giving him back his family and everything that he supposedly wants...except...

...St. Walker never became a Hope Lantern, he became a Green Lantern, and was suckered by the Guardians, who set the zombie Third army on his home planet, and took over his family...

...and all of these characters, managed to break free of the fantasy, and reassert their own reality, thus proving that they are stronger than any of the aforementioned Green Lanterns.  This makes Volthoom very very cranky.  In fact, all I can do is imagine him saying that he is very very angry, using the voice of Mel Blanc as the Space Cadet...mainly because I have a very childish mind.

So, in order to show them all, he's going after RAGE next!

While on the one hand, I am quite pleased that St. Walker, Larfleeze and Carol all had the presence of mind and strength of character to reassert themselves, I am outraged that they managed to out-do all my Green Lanterns when it basically comes down to...Will power.

Green is the balance in the spectrum.  A Green Lantern, may be honest, truthful and help little old ladies cross the street, but what they have in ABUNDANCE is...Will.  And we have been presented with Guy, John and Kyle and Fatality all buckling under and giving up. 

I don't buy it.  Guy has so much willpower, that it makes his ring spark when he is standing still.  Kyle has so much willpower that he can contain supernovas and split atoms.  John has so much willpower that he exceeded the capacity of the ring, when he tried to put Xanshi back together.  And you're telling me that a loser like Volthoom can turn them into sheep? 



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