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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

This would have been a lot smaller of a week, if I hadn't managed to get my greedy paws on a couple of books that I managed somehow to completely miss the week that they were supposed to come out.  Sometimes I wonder where my brain is.

Action Comics #19

I was of two minds whether or not to continue with this book.  I have rather enjoyed Grant Morrison's take on a young and inexperienced Superman.  I also understand that Andy Diggle, whom is a writer that I also enjoy will only be on for an issue or two.  Really, DC, this is getting pretty annoying!

But this was a decent story.  Lois is in Qurac of all places, with Clark, boozing it up at the hotel bar, and happy, because, being Lois, she managed to score the scoop of scoops.  I adore Lois being competent.  She even does a bit of mild flirting with Clark, who takes fright and takes off after a scoop of his own.  Poor Lois.

Clark is busy congratulating himself on "keeping Lois safe".  Yeah.  Right.

He then springs into usual Super fashion, and is attacked by some monster robot things, with people inside of them, which he manages to trounce fairly easily, although much to his surprise, the inhabitant of one of the trashed robots suddenly looks and sounds just like Jimmy Olsen...before he blows up.  That is also the inside fold of the cover, for those of you who wish to know.  Frankly, nothing that ever happens to Jimmy can surprise me. 

Of course, it is all a ruse, on the part of none other than...Lex Luthor!  He has apparently kidnapped some poor Shrink, and is making her psychoanalyze him, for no other reason, than he really has an enormous ego.  She's terrified, but still in their doing her best.  It also gives Lex a chance to brag about how clever he is.  The attack was a diversion, the real attack was getting close enough to Superman to plant some microscopic needles laced with Kryptonite or something, so that he could be attacked from within...and it works!

I imagine that somehow Superman will figure it all out, but still, I am intrigued enough to stick around for a while.

Not bad at all. 

I always enjoy Lex Luthor Dickery.

Batwoman #18

I somehow managed to miss this.  Kate is up against Mister Freeze for some reason, accompanied by Hawkfire, or Firehawk, or Flamebird, or Warmchicadee, or whatever her name is now.  She is still supposedly feeding information to  Cameron, in order to protect her Dad, who is also feeding information to Bette, and it all gets just a bit confusing, as all of these people dance around each other. 

Oh, and Batman shows up. 

The D.E.O. is getting tired of Kate's antics, and decides to up the ante.  Maggie Sawyer goes apartment shopping for a nice place and her fiancee.  Other things happen.  It's a lot of fun.

Fairest #14

Thank goodness the interminable Rapunzel story is over.  I think that this is a single issue story, with  Princess Alder, and her quest for a good date.  She's a tree, but a very very pretty tree, and a lot of the menfolk of the Farm are greatly intrigued, but for some reason it just never works out.  So Reynaud, the Fox, who is one of my favorites, decides to give it a go, since they are already friends. 

Bo Peep makes him lasagna, and Alder has her favorite dish, which Reynaud insists upon tasting, only to discover that walking trees love a nice manure casserole.  Things sadly, go downhill from there, ending with Gepetto insisting that he can grow a suitor for her in a little while, if they only give him some time.  Gosh, Gepetto is still evil. 

A little silly, but a good romp for a change.

Green Lantern #19


And Oh...Sinestro!

Young Avengers #3

Dang it, I had somehow missed this last week as well, and I am SO glad that I found it!  I cannot tell you how much I love the artwork by James McKelvie, not to mention Kieron Gillens' sure hand with dialogue.

They are all just so...so adorable!  Loki especially. 

It now becomes clear that Wiccan's spell has included all of their respective dead parents, since Loki had tried to stop the spell, but somehow managed to...twist it.  Typical.  Also, Loki's young teen body doesn't have the endurance that a grown-up Loki's does, so he can't just sit around and do magic without fainting.

The boys also indulge their love of Game of Thrones, Loki wants to have Wiccan's power for fifteen minutes to send the nasty old creature away, but nobody is buying what he is selling.  They do all end up in a disco swigging champagne, but then the parents show up and things start to go downhill from there.

God, I am loving this book.

Twelve thumbs up!


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