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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #19

I am ridiculously late in putting up my review of Green Lantern Corps...but what the heck.

The fold-in cover by the way, is rather nice, showing none other than one of my very favorite non-sociable Lanterns...Mogo!  I cannot sufficiently express how happy I am that they brought back Mogo.

We open, with Volthoom, doing his usual schtick, of zapping everybody and sucking out their emotions...in this particular case practically all of the remaining Green Lantern Corps.  Incidentally, the ranks of which must be sadly depleted.  Everybody is very very unhappy.  And then, from nowhere, they all start to get covered over in what appear to be small green rocks or something...and not just the Lanterns themselves, but all of Oa!  What could this be?

Why it's Mogo of course!  To the Rescue!  Covering them up cuts their contact with Volthoom.  Mogo then transports them all to his/her surface.  The Lanterns are safe, but sadly pooped.  Volthoom is not particularly pleased by this turn of events, and tries to go after Mogo, and conjures up dopplegangers of all of the Lanterns, only they are from the different Corps.  Guy is red, John is Indigo, and so on and so forth. 

So, all of the Corps is stuck fighting evil versions of themselves.  This goes on for quite a bit, without dialogue, but with awfully pretty artwork from Fernando Pasarin.  The Lanterns are exhausted and royally pissed off, and they manage to summon up the willpower to defeat their evil counterparts...when suddenly, they all just fade away, much to their collective consternation and amazement.  Turns out that it wasn't actually Volthoom who conjured them up, but Mogo, so that he could give them some motivation and remind them that they are Lanterns dammit, and they've got the Willpower to go out and change the Universe!  Or...words to that effect.

It is a rather Machiavellian move on Mogo's part.  I'm so proud.  Mogo tells them all to go out and kick butt, and they all raise their rings and recite the vow, and boy howdy, the finale is coming  up!

This may have been something of a place holder in the tale being spun, but what the heck.  I sure liked it a whole lot better than just Volthoom going around being mean to everyone, and all the Lanterns whining and moaning and giving up.  At least they have their brains, willpower and motivations back, and it is hopefully, going to be...epic. 

So I enjoyed this.


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