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Monday, April 15, 2013

And I Have Returned

You may have noticed my absence for the past couple of days.  It is once again that halcyon time of year, for Tire Dealers throughout lovely New England, to wend their way south, to the Mohegan Sun Casino for a weekend of dealing, eating, drinking and schmoozing.  I can certainly schmooze with the best of them, in fact I have been schmoozing for several days.  I also helped set up the Trade Show, attended Cocktail parties and managed to outbid everyone else for the 51" Samsung flat screen television at the auction to benefit our Scholarship program. 

Victory is Mine!

But all of this fevered activity meant that I never got to put up my reviews, and I'm sure that you are ALL simply aghast.

And darn it...it was a pretty damned decent week last Wednesday!  Since we are almost to THIS week's new books, I had better let you all know how fabulous everything was.

Batgirl #19

We come to a fairly thrilling conclusion, as Barbara continues to engage in a battle of wits with her evil evil brother James.  Also her nice roommate is a transexual, which is unexpected, but not a bad thing at all.  If there is one thing that comics could use, it is a bit of variety.  James supposedly buys the farm, but you know and I know, that if he is needed again, he'll rise from his watery grave.  Also there was a slight misunderstanding with the Commissioner.  But boy, her mom sure is hardcore!

This was pretty good.  Nice to see things come to a conclusion, and for Barbara to use her brains.

Batman #19

Well, as you all know, the fold out cover has Bruce pulling a gun on the good Commissioner...but Not To Worry!  It's actually NOT Bruce...and hey, Superman shows up too!

This was actually creepy as all get out...but in a GOOD way. Scott Snyder has a way with the macabre, which is a good thing when you are writing about a man dressed up like a bat. 


Batman and Red Robin #19

Yes, that is Carrie on the fold out cover, and Pat Gleason makes her as cute as all get out.  It turns out that she was teaching Damian some stuff that Bruce never even knew about.  Bruce misses his little boy, and he's starting to...well...lose it a bit.  Just a Tad.

So he goes out and kidnaps Frankenstein, because he wants to get his advice on how to bring Damian back.  Frankenstein is surprisingly understanding about the whole thing, especially considering how Bruce is literally tapping his brain.  Frankie explains that he can understand his grief, but this is a Very Bad Idea. 

Tim shows up, tipped off by Alfred, and is utterly horrified, tries to talk Bruce out of it, but Bruce is beyond any rationality, so Tim blows up the Bat Cave basically.

Bruce is very very angry.  Very Angry InDEED!

Again, quite fabulous.

Constantine #2

John does his usual thing, of playing people off against one another, and he does it fairly well.  Not bad.  He lost one artifact, but its on the trail of another.  I'm still not hooked completely on this book, but I am giving it a chance.  It has at least, piqued my interest.

Demon Knights #19

I do like this book.  Cain is running amok, Themyscira has been invaded, and Vandal Savage is being a major pain in the ass.  Even Lucifer is a tad worried.  And Sir Ystin gets a pain in the neck.

Pretty darned good!

Green Lantern Corps#19


Justice League of America #2

Waller continues to bicker with Steve Trevor.  Scarecrow is kidnapped and hanging out with some guy who looks eerily like Alfred, but is probably not Alfred.  Courtney is perky, Vibe is confused, Hawkman has someone else's blood on him, and Catwoman is showing off her assets like you wouldn't believe.  And they all end up on a mysterious island where they are being picked off by dopplegangers.

Also, J'onn penetrates the security at the White House in the backup story.

Not terrible.  It was an ok story.  We'll see where it all goes.

Hawkeye #9

Clint really has just terrible luck with the ladies.  Gosh, I love this book.

Not particularly scintillating or in-depth reviews, but by now, I figure you have all read these for yourselves anyway.  But still...not a bad week at all!


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Vundablog said...

So is demon Knights worth cathing up on and reading. I like the concept and read the first trade, but I wasn't sure if the book would last so I've been afraid to climb aboard. Is it among DC's better books?

At 5:11 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, I like it. It is a bit like the Justice League, Medieval, but it has some really interesting characters that I hadn't come across before.

Plus it has the Demon and Jason Blood, and I rather like the Demon and Jason Blood. The art is pretty, the women actually look different from one another, and Vandal Savage is just so gleefully evil. It's rather fun actually.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Moriarty said...

Kind of hypocritical how Bruce is going a bit (excuse the pun) batty when it comes to resurrecting his son, yet he read Hal the riot act when Hal lost his entire city and the millions that lived there, don't you think? And Bruce doesn't even have Parallax to blame!

At 12:10 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Moriarty, that is an excellent point, and one that furthermore, had not occured to me.

But yeah, poor Bruce is losing his marbles. And being mean to Tim to boot.


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