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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Ramblings

That's a title that tells you that I don't have the foggiest idea of what to talk about...but that I am bound and
determined to talk about it anyway.  Gosh, that's annoying!

Easter is almost upon us, and I am talking time out from dying eggs and making potato salad and stuff.  And Pan Dulce.  God, I love Pan Dulce. 

But onto the topic of Comics.  Because that is what you are here for. 

There don't seem to be Easter Comics.  They have plenty of comics with a Christmas theme, and even with a Halloween theme.  Arbor Day...not so much.  But I really can't think of anything that pays attention to Easter.  But it is probably just as well.

Marvel is coming out with a new X-Men book, that only features women, which sounds and looks...pretty good actually...although I haven't picked it up, and frankly I don't even know if it is out yet.  Storm has a mohawk again.  This is what getting divorced does to a woman.  I don't know if Jubilee is still a vampire or not.  She looks suddenly a whole lot younger again.  She was always younger than Kitty, but then for a while she was looking much OLDER than Kitty and going around sucking blood.  I don't really know the details.  I didn't WANT to know the details. 

Speaking of Storm...did she get her stuff back that she had lying around in Wakanda after the Black Panther so unceremoniously told her to beat it?  She probably had clothes and shampoo and other things still there.  Does she get any kind of settlement?  She's an X-Queen after all.  I will tell you one thing.  Once word gets out that T'Challa can simply dissolve a marriage just by announcing it to you in the middle of a fight, he's going to have a hard time with Bride Number Two.

Why does Gambit have his own book?

Young Avengers apparently came out this week...but my store didn't have any, by the time that I got there...and I got there EARLY!   I am crushed.  I'll have to look for it next week, since it is also possibly that they simply got shorted in their order, which seems to happen with dull regularity.    Grrrrrrrr! 

It may be Spring, but I'm not feeling it yet.  And I WANT to!

We are currently in the process of demolishing our kitchen and doing a fairly major remodel.  So I may be distracted for a bit.  Possibly six months or so.  And speaking of which...I would think that being a carpenter or remodeler or electrician or plumber in the Marvel and DC Universes would be extremely lucrative...all of those cities being levelled every other month or so!  Being an Insurance Adjuster on the other hand, must be simply heartbreaking.

So...I understand that Wolverine is considered to be quite popular these days.  I used to like Wolverine a lot.  Lately...not so much.  Maybe it is because he is so completely ubiquitous.  Maybe it is because he is a lot more obnoxious.  And since I seem to LIKE obnoxious comic book characters, you would think I would find that more endearing...but not really.  Maybe it is because that rather tantlizing air of mystery that he used to have is gone.  Maybe it is because he is in every single book that Marvel prints.  You really can have too much of a good thing someimes.

Is it me, or is Volthoom in the Green Lantern books, a complete waste?  I am not really feeling this latest storyline.  Up until now, Geoff Johns has been pretty consistent in the quality of his books, but this has been a sloppy mess.  Not the way that I would want to exit from a book that I've been on for years and years.  I find him to be evil just for the sake of being evil.  I find that boring.  I also am a little bit outraged that people like Larfleeze and Carol Ferris can break free of his mind-whammies, while seasoned Green Lanterns like Guy and John can't.  St. Walker...yes, I can see that, he is the imbodiment of Hope after all.  But Carol?  Don't get me wrong...I LIKE Carol, but the idea that she can defeat Volthoom when Guy or John gives up and whines is simply...infuriating. 

I'm glad that they aren't going to kill off John Stewart.  I am outraged that they thought it was a good idea.  And for all of their frenzied backpedalling...you KNOW that they thought it was a good idea.  Remember when they wanted to kill off Dick Grayson?   If you don't know what to do with a character, that's fine...you don't have to use every single toy in the box all of the time.  But don't break those toys, because someone else down the road may have a simply fabulous idea, and then you have to go through all the tedium of a resurrection,which just makes the fanboys and fangirls even MORE jaded. 

I'm feeling a tad jaded lately.  Maybe it's the cold.  Maybe it is the prospect of not having a sink. 

I've probably tried your patience long enough.  Does anyone else have any particular questions or ideas of what the heck is going on? 

And Happy Easter.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

That new X-Men book starts in April. Bad news, it's one of their $4 books. Further bad news, issue #3 is delayed because of a family emergency for either Brian Wood or Oliver Copiel. Kind of a bummer. I'm still planning to give it a whirl. I feel like Jubilee should still be a vampire, but who knows? Maybe the X-Men got ahold of the Montesi Formula, like Dr. Strange did once and reversed it.

Surprisingly, I've heard good things about the Gambit title. Not Hawkeye or Daredevil good, but good. They realized Gambit is a thief, so why not make the book about him stealing stuff? So every issue is basically a caper flick. I'd have preferred they do that with the Black Cat, but oh well.

It's not doing so well saleswise, though.

I also don't like Wolverine as much as I used. I still like him fine in older stuff I reread (Uncanny #200-250, for example), but his newer stuff doesn't much interest me. For some reason, him being an Avenger really bugs, almost as much as the Sentry being an Avenger did. Except my problem with the Sentry was I just didn't want him to exist, so slightly different issue.

My question is how long until Marvel cancels one of its Marvel NOW! books? It's gonna happen, sooner or later (Journey Into Mystery isn't doing too well in sales, either). DC only waited about 5 months into the relaunch before announcing cancellations, which meant about 8 issues. Does Marvel have more patience?

I hope so. Even if the books fail, I'd like for the creative teams to have time to find their footing, you know?

At 9:49 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I hope that they don't can Journey Into Mystery, it seems to be finding its legs, and I rather enjoy it. Of course I said that about Nextwave and Blue Beetle as well.


Don't get me started about the Sentry. Man I hated that character. The initial concept was actually pretty interesting, but the whole thing just degenerated, and it ended up a mess.

I can understand that Marvel is happy that the Avengers movie did so well...I saw it and I enjoyed it thoroughly...but does EVERY book have to be an Avengers book?


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Scipio said...

Being an Insurance Adjuster on the other hand, must be simply heartbreaking."

Ask Hal. :-)

At 12:01 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh don't get me started on Insurance Adjusters! My daughter's boyfriend backed into the front of my new car...that I had had for all of two weeks, and dented the bumper and broke the grill. A week and a half later...his insurance company is FINALLY going to take care of it!


Hal would have done that...he would have been off in space, or hanging with Itty or jumping some blue-skinned Space Chick...and left me hanging!


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