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Friday, April 05, 2013

Green Lantern #19

Well, good gosharootie, this wasn't bad at all.  Which is definitely an improvement over the other Green Lantern books, which have been a bit on the disappointing side lately. 

We do have the folding cover, showing all of the broken and cracked lanterns...when you open it up, it shows Sinestro, still in his Green Lantern togs, holding a YELLOW Lantern, with the logo that says Fear Burns Brightest!


No Doug Mahnke this issue, which makes me sad, but  Syak and Kudranski do a decent job.

We begin with Tomar Re begging Hal to reconsider killing himself in order to master Black Hand's ring.  Hal may be "Dead", but at this point he is only MOSTLY Dead.  However, being Hal, of course he doesn't listen, and of course, he thinks he has a plan.  Silly Hal.  And yet, he probably couldn't react any other way...being Hal.

Meanwhile, Sinestro has followed Simon Baz BACK to the world of the living, although he is being awfully snotty about it.  Simon is surprisingly cool about the whole thing, and B'dg just tells Sinestro to chill or words to that effect.  The other Maltusians, who have now been named the Templar Guardians seem a tad disconcerted by all of this, but try to make the best of things.  Sinestro of course, is having none of that, and blasts off to Korugar.

Here, he meets up with Arsona, and he actually asks her to help him.  She's a bit flabberghasted, because he has never even admitted needing help.  Sinestro is oddly diffident,  when naturally, Volthoom shows up to mess things up.  I am really hating Volthoom.  He is sooo annoying.  He does his usual schtick with Sinestro shown in his past  appearances, and then he feeds off of his emotions, and since apparently Sinestro has the BEST emotions, Volthoom is able to get enough power to...CHANGE THE UNIVERSE!

So he wipes out Korugar. 

This makes Sinestro...very very angry.  Very angry inDEED!

Back in the Dead Zone, Hal is still dithering, when all the dead Korugarians show up, so naturally, he jumps off of a cliff.   Oh Hal.  Never ever change.

Sinestro on the other hand, is still full of piss and vinegar...and lo and behold...sees his yellow Lantern floating just out of his reach.

So I guess the big issue is number 20. 

This really was pretty decent, but I have to admit that as much as I have been enjoying Sinestro and Hal together, I really can't stand Volthoom.  His motivation seems peculiar.  I understand he's not happy about being locked up for millenia, but he was just being evil for the sake of being evil, which I always find dull.  I also have trouble accepting the idea that Carol, Larfleeze and St. Walker are better at resisting Volthoom than full-fledged Lanterns such as Sinestro, Guy and John, and Kyle.  That just makes no sense at all. 

I'm still interested of course.  But no Hal butts.  Sinestro's isn't bad though.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Why does Volthoom want to change the universe? For that matter, why is he attacking all the Lanterns?

I could understand him attacking the Guardians. They imprisoned him, tortured him, used him like a battery. Heck, if he just concentrated on frying their butts, I'd cheer him on. But Guy and John didn't have anything to do with it. Has he just gone nuts from being locked up so long?

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Shiraste said...

I think this is the big question.

Unless I missed something, we do not know his underlying motivation. For now it looks like a case of "cuz I can" which is incredibly boring.
Sure, he is harnessing the lanterns for emotional power by torturing them psychologically, kind of like a psychic vampire but... bleh.

As to the GL issue. I think it was good but it only shines because the other GL titles were so horribly weak.
We have a really sub-par event here and it is a sad way for the old creative team to go. No matter how stunning the next issues might be John's run does not end on a high note.

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous JimmyTheJiver said...

Hey, Sally it's been along time since I've commented. I've been boycotting DC since the new 52, but I read your blog from time to time to catch up on things and whats changed. Not for the better it seams.

Not only do I dislike Guys' new origin and the removal of Alan Scott from Main Earth, but yeah once again we're supposed to believe Carol (St. Walker and ugh... Larfleeze) have more will and control than all of the Green Lanterns. Sounds like miscommunication from editorial. Don't know, don't care at this point. As far as I know Carol is the poster child for weak will and mind control. Then again Geoff Johns plays fast and loose with past precedence so it's no surprise the other writers follow suit.

As for the dead Korugarians. where was Katma Tui in all of this? Was she ever addressed. Is she erased from history? Is Geoff Johns that desperate to retcon Carol killing her as to make her not exist? At least they use Tomar-Re.

Seriously of all the Lanterns they resurrected early in John's run, why they leave Tomar-Re, Ch'p and Katma Tui dead and replace them with uninteresting counterparts. Sigh...

Sorry I've complained to much.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Scipio said...

Sinestro on the other hand, is still full of piss and vinegar"

Perhaps that explains the yellow.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Scipio, just look at his eyes!

Jimmy, I couldn't agree with you more, about leaving Katma, Tomar Re and Ch'p in Green Lantern purgatory and bringing in new lanterns, although I have to admit some fondness for Soranik, Tomar Tu and Bd'g. But why can't they all exist together?

And I will never accept that seasoned Green Lanterns are that much weaker than Carol Ferris...who was as you said, regularly mind-controlled by the Zamarons.

And Shiraste and Calvin...again, I agree, that I don't get Volthoom's motivation, other than..."Because I can!"

Weak. Very weak. And as we have seen from past stories, both Johns and Tomasi and Bedard are capable of so much more. Unless things pick up on a major scale, this has to be the weakest Green Lantern story in years...and certainly the weakest of Geoff John's tenure.

I may be mistaken. I rather hope that I AM mistaken, because I want them all to do out with a bang.

At 7:05 PM, Anonymous jimmythejiver said...

I would like all of them to exist together in theory, but even in the one franchise where multiple characters of the same job exist they won't let redundant alien races interact as major characters. It's why they banish golden age characters to another Earth, repeatedly kill Amazons and yes kill off green lanterns to replace them with similar characters with minor variations then hypocritically don't apply the same rules when too many people are Zeus's children, from multiple Earths, survived krypton or were a former Robins.

Don't mean to sound bitter just observing.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It's ok Jimmy. I understand completely.


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