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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hal Breaks Another Heart

And Romance Comics week coninues! 

Weeping.  So very much weeping.  None of these heroines, with the possible exceptions of the Nurses, seem to have jobs, or DO anything except chase boys and cry a lot. 

hal photo men42.jpg

Really, Hal, the cigarette is just a bit over the top, don't you think? 

I wish that Geoff Johns, would write Romance Comics.  There would be arms
and hands lopped off right and left, and all those sobbing Nurses would actually
have something to do! 

Speaking of Geoff Johns, I can't believe that he's going to be leaving Green Lantern. 
Whatever shall I do?  I admit that things have been dragging a bit lately, but he
brought back Hal, kept Kyle from dying, did a bang-up job with Guy, and even used
John once in a while.  Rebirth was fabulous, the Sinestro Corps War was sensational
and even Blackest Night was pretty thrilling.  I even liked the War of the Green
Lanterns, until the aftermath, and then the whole 52 Universe kicked in and things
have been going downhill ever since. 

One of the problems with the new 52, is that it is a whole new continuity, and Geoff
Johns is a past master at delving into the OLD Continuity of DC and unearthing
interesting nuggets of history and making beautiful stories.  I'm mixing my metaphors
something fierce here, but I hope you can all understand the gist of it. 

But I wish him well, and will of course continue to buy Aquaman and Justice League.
But it probably won't be quite the same.  I DO hope that the Powers That Be, decide
to put Peter Tomasi in charge of the Green Lantern books, because he has a firm
grasp of all of them. 

If they put Winick on the books, I'll just hang myself.


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