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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Green Lantern: New Guardians #16

When we last left young Kyle, he was being instructed in how to use a violet ring, by some Star Sapphires, while Carol and Arkillo and St. Walker wandered off and did stuff in that gawdawful Annual.  The Star Sapphires are trying to awaken his emotions towards his loved ones, but he remains closed off. 

Really? Kyle? 

Anyway, in the middle of all of this, Ganthet shows up and decides to open up a can of whup-ass on his baby boy.  Ganthet has been depicted as being Kyle's Father Figure, at least in the 52 Universe.  Kyle fights back using all of the other ring powers, and is trying to reason with Ganthet, whom is still under the evil influence of the other Guardians, so naturally there is a whole lot of taunting going on. 

Then the Zamarons show up and reveal that they weren't REALLY in league with the Guardians, but just stringing them along for a while...which wasn't a bad strategy all things considered.  Ganthet sneers for a bit, and they want to kill him, but Kyle pleads with them not to do so, because he is sure he can reach him.  Too bad that Ganthet then decides to sic a bunch of the Third Army zombies on him! 

Oh that Ganthet...he's such a wag!!

Carol, Arkillo and St Walker show up and add to the chaos.  At one point you almost for a second think that Kyle is getting through to Ganthet...till Ganthet blows him up.  As Kyle lies there, probably bleeding to death, he decides that he "forgives" Ganthet, who continues to sneer...and then, lo and behold, suddenly, Kyle is filled with White Light!  He's Mastered all of the Emotions!  Woohoo!

Then stretching out his glowing white hand, he evaporates the poor Third Army guys, and thus scares the crap out of Ganthet, who decides to get the hell out of Dodge.  Then everyone poses for a little bit, and we are all being set up for the final showdown tomorrow in the Green Lantern Corps Annual.  And boy howdy, am I ready for that! 

I think that it's nice that Kyle, of all the Lanterns was the one to master the White Light.  Sinestro tried, and so did Hal, but I like Kyle.  He's a good boy.  What I don't really buy however is that Kyle...of all people...would have trouble with a Love ring.  Of ALL the Earth Lanterns, he's the MOST open about his emotions!  With the possible exception of Guy.  Kyle is always falling in love!  Kyle loves BEING in Love! His very last words the last time he got killed were that he loved Soranik and Guy!  Hal I can understand having problems, but lately, he's been running around babbling about how much he loves Carol.  And John is a bit reluctant to bleat out his emotions.  Guy is almost as emotional as Kyle, but he's got other problems at the moment. 

Oh well. 

I still don't like the art that much, but the story did finally pick up a bit.  I do hope that they don't murder poor Ganthet, but if they want to squash the rest of the Guardians, I am ALL FOR IT!


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