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Friday, February 01, 2013

Green Lantern Corps Annual

Oh Good Grief! 

I have been looking forward to this book, because I thought that it would...finally...all come to a head.  And by jove it does do that. 

We begin more or less where we left off in this months Green Lantern Corps book, with Guy, Bd'g and Simon Baz hanging out on the moon, trying to catch their breath and figure out what is going on.  Thanks to Simon's talkative ring, they know pretty much that the Guardians have Been Up To No Good.  On Oa, Kilowog has managed to gather together a small cadre of Lanterns who are also extremely suspicious of the Guardians.

The Guardians, in the meantime, have put the final phase of their nefarious plot into action...calling all the Green Lanterns, to come to Oa, to be "inoculated" against the threat of the Third Army.  Not to worry, come on home, and the sweet nice wonderful Guardians will sing you a song and make it all better! 

Or not.

Guy takes off that hideous orange jump suit, and Bd'g rings him up a suit of what appears to armor, in order to get him to Oa, where he plans on kicking some tiny blue butt.  Oh Guy, you're amazing.  Meanwhile, Simon and Bd'g will do their best to locate Hal and Sinestro, by leafing through the Book of the Black, as dangerous as that might be.  And dangerous it is, because the next blank page swallows them up, and spits them out in the Chamber of Shadows, where Black Hand is hanging out.  I'm sure this will turn out ok!

Mogo is also pulling himself/herself back together, which is indeed a wonderful wonderful thing.  John and Fatality/Yrra are helping out, when more of the Third Army shows up, and they are sucked into Mogo's reforming core!

Guy has arrived on Oa, and just in time, as his ring-generated suit is about to disappear.  He coincidentally lands right in front of the giant containment unit that is holding all of the rings that SHOULD have gone out to new Lanterns, and of course spots his own Precious through the glass.  Being somewhat impetuous, he tries to get it out and gets zapped by a Guardian-rigged booby trap.  Fortunately, Kilowog is there to pick him up and brush him off, and the two of them bring each other up to date on the whole situation.  Most of the other Lanterns have been answering the call of the Guardians, and are now trapped and helpless on Oa.  But Soranik, Iolande, Vath, Issamot and Hannu were smart enough to join up with Kilowog, although they are still concerned about the whereabouts of Salaak.  They put their noggins together and come up with a...plan.


Meanwhile...Mogo has reformed!  Mogo is alive, and back in one piece, and he/she just WIPES out the invading Third Army!  Wooooohoooooo!  I'm so glad that Mogo is back!  I LOVE Mogo.  Mogo also spits John and Yrra out on the shore, since he/she was saving them, because that's how Mogo rolls.   Having Mogo back however doesn't please the Guardians much.

As the Guardians are explaining the new modus operandi to their helpless Corps, and trying to justify their evil, who should show up, but Guy all dressed up in Krona's old gauntlet, that they found way back during the War of the Green Lanterns.  Guy is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore.  He does his best to attack, but of course, he's just one Man against the power of the Guardians, and of course they grab him, destroy his old armor, and are about to pinch his head off, when Guy smirks, and says he's just a diversion.  

In a rather impressive moment, Kilowog is saying the Oath of the Green Lanterns, and manages to sever the Transmission Lock on the Battery!  Thus all the captive Corps are set free, and the word goes out that it is an ambush, and a trap, and that the Guardians have gone batshit crazy, and boy howdy, IT IS ON!

The Third Army shows up naturally, and they are just about to eat Guy...when Kyle appears, in a burst of white light, along with his color crew, and rescues his bestest buddy!  Frankly I loved this...Peter Tomasi shows that he hasn't forgotten that Guy and Kyle are close, and hey have some witty banter for a bit, as they are wont to do of course.And Guy gets his ring, and he's back in business! 

And then Atrocitus and the Manhunters show up, and they are busy chanting that "No Guardians escape the Manhunters!" 

Well crap in a hat!  The Guardians are actually starting to act a little tiny bit worried.  In order to deal with all of this, they start to draw more and more on the power of the First Lantern, and if they had ever bothered to read the recent "Shade" mini-series, they would know that was a foolish thing to do! 

Kyle is pissed!  The entire Green Lantern Corps is pissed!  Hell, even St. Walker is probably pissed.  Then the Guardians suck all of the First Lantern's power, except...of course... it backfires, and Volthoom is Free!

And then there is a cliff-hanger, and we will have to wait for the "Wrath of the First Lantern" to see how it all ends!


Sonofabitch!  I wanted to see their tiny wizened blue butts handed to them NOW!!!

But hey, Guy and Mogo are back.


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