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Monday, January 28, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #16

Egad, it is snowing like mad.  A perfect day to curl up with a Green Lantern!

When last we left Guy, he had been arrested by his own sister for inadvertently busting up an undercover police sting.  I wasn't aware that was a CRIME per se, but it seems to be in the DC Universe, since Guy is next seen in this issue In Jail.  Is he merely awaiting trial, or has he already been tried and convicted, because his brute of a cellmate seems to be looking forward to beating the crap out of him.  If he HAS been tried and convicted, that was the fastest trial on record!  Otherwise, do they normally lock suspects up with hardened criminals?

Ah, questions, questions.

Fortunately, Guy, although rather depressed, isn't quite as helpless without his ring, as everyone seems to think.  He gets taken into a visitor's room, to see his brother and sister, and is uncharacteristically, down in the mouth.  So naturally, his little sister starts slapping the heck out of him.  Also, the guards just stand there and watch this, with a smirk on their faces.  Granted, she does have her uniform on, but is that sort of thing permitted?  Sheesh!

Right in the middle of this little family bonding time, the alarm goes off, and it is a bunch of the Third Army zombies, sent especially by the Guardians to take out Guy.  Boy, those guys can hold a grudge!  Guy recognizes them immediately, and snaps out of his funk, and into action, after convincing the guard to unshackle him.

Meanwhile, Fatality, or Yrra, which is her real name, is hanging out with John, trying to figure out how to reunite all of Mogo's pieces.  Some of them have been commandeered by what seems to be some Space Pirates, who are using them to try and take over a nice planet.  Naturally  a Green Lantern isn't about to sit around and let this sort of thing happen, so John and Yrra spring into action.  She and John also decide it is high time to start comparing notes, so both of them are now aware that the Guardians are Up To No Good, the evil little smurfs.

Back in Baltimore, Guy and his family and the remaining guards are shooting like mad, but are about to be overrun, when who should bust in, but Bd'g and Simon Baz!  Woohoo!  Guy is delighted to see Bd'g and slightly startled by the sight of Simon, and first things first, gets his brother and sister to safety, along with the remaining guards and prisoners, which is a thoughtful thing for him to do.  Simon bridles a little at being ordered around, but Guy sets him straight. 

After blowing up a whole lot of things in  a suitably spectacular fashion, they hightail it to the Moon, and try to figure out what to do next.  Guy is needling Simon a bit...naturally, but they do get him to replay his ring's message, so Guy finally learns that Hal is in Big Trouble.

Pasarin does his usual excellent job with the artwork.  Simon Baz is ok in this...at least he had the good sense to sit back and let Guy in the proverbial driver's seat.  Bd'g continues to be a delight.  That prison jumpsuit however just HAS to go.

It's nice that things finally seem to be happening!


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I have to wonder back during Fatality's early appearances if anyone ever referred to her as "Yrratating." It seems like a very Kyle sort of banter...

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