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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reviews! Oh, and Beefcake.

Gosharootie, but that was a very nice week. Very nice indeed.

Batman #3

I blush to confess this, but I'm actually really starting to...like Batman. At least a little. This book has been quite excellent from the beginning, and the quality isn't slowing down in the least.

Batman discovers that perhaps he really DOESN'T know everything to know about Gotham, as he delves deeper into the mystery of the Owl Court. I have to say, I really do like that spooky nursery rhyme. Strange things are afoot, and Bats isn't quite as omnipotent and over-prepared as he is usually presented...so I'm liking this. Liking it a lot.

Birds of Prey #3

This is the first issue of the new BOP, that I've actually enjoyed. I love the characters, but I just wasn't getting it...but with this issue, I'm actually invested in what is going on. Poison Ivy joins the group, with a little bit of friction from some of the members, and there is all kinds of interesting things going on...not to mention a number of other people who apparently have bombs planted in their heads. Including Black Canary. The art was pretty, and darn it, it was good. I'm surprised and happy.

DC Presents: Deadman #3

This continues to be a good book as well. Deadman is...well, dead again, and he's not particularly thrilled with what he is doing, no does he quite understand the purpose behind it all. So he's going after answers, and he's not particularly worried about who's feet he may be stepping upon. Another excellent issue.

DC Universe: Online Legends #17

This continues the Sinestro story that was started last month, and has a very pretty Hal Jordan on the cover, as drawn by Doug Mahnke. Korugar is destroyed, Brainiac has taken over, and Sinestro is mad as hell, and thinks that it is all Hal's fault. Hal is the only one who actually is trying to HELP, as opposed to just simply containing the whole mess, which is what the Guardians want. Guy can't stop gloating over the mess, and John is getting cranky. Oh, and Brainiac gets away ANYway, so now the whole Corps has a really annoyed Sinestro AND Brainiac to deal with. Stupid Guardians. This is fun.

Green Lantern Corps #3


Justice League #3\

Along with Birds of Prey, this is the first issue that is really singing to me so far. We have Cyborg being turned into...well, Cyborg. We have Wonder Woman popping up, and just itching to get out there and swing a sword around. Also, she discovers that ice cream is just the bee's knee's. This is a very innocent Diana, quite new to Man's world, and by Gad, is that Steve Trevor who is assigned to look after her? Be still my heart. Superman, Batman, Hal and Flash are busy fighting what are probably Parademons, and the rest of the world seems to feel that the mayhem is all their fault. Oh, and Aquaman shows up. Does he ever!

Lots of action, and a bouncy story, and decent artwork...I really did enjoy this. Finally!

Wonder Woman #3

Oh, the proverbial poo hits the proverbial fan. Eris is still hanging out and taunting the Amazons as they gather their dead. A few of them don't seem to happy with their princess, calling her "Clay" instead of Diana, which is rather rude of them. Hippolyta feels that she has to come clean and 'fess up to Diana, that she wasn't ACTUALLY made of clay, but has a mother and father in the conventional sense. If having Zeus for a father is conventional. She had to lie to Diana all these years, to protect her from Hera's wrath. Makes sense I suppose. But the cat is certainly out of the bag now, and Diana isn't happy. At all.

The art is glorious, and the story just flows along, and you get the feeling that if Zeus dropped by tomorrow, Hippolyta would be all OVER him. This was excellent.

Not a clunker in the bunch! I love good weeks.

And in keeping with my Beefcake theme...


More Amazons! And Ollie! Nekkid as a jaybird.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger AF said...

OK, this was an excellent week, in my humble opinion.
Batman #3: just great. I, too, am starting to like this character, at least enough to read its comic books.

Supergirl #3: mmm, it has Superman in it, so it's enough for me.

GL Corps #3: getting better and better.

Justice League #3: it's starting to get good (at last!)

Wonder Woman #3: I'm dropping it.

Catwoman #3: Her face was shown more times in this issue... plus, it has Batman in it.

Oh, and this one:

DC Universe Legends #17: my lexical aptitude in English language isn't good enough to describe how much I loved this issue.

Thanks for the blog!

At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Emmy said...

I'm not actually enjoying GLCorps anymore. I feel like a bad Lantern fan.

DC Universe Legends is so amazingly wonderful. Are issues 1 to 15 as well drawn and gloriously written as 16 and 17 have been?

At 5:17 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

DC Legends was quite quite good! Gosh, but Guy is so bad. I love it.

Yes, it was an excellent week.

Dropping GLC? Oh, the horror! I have to admit that this week was not my favorite so far. I found that I missed Fernando Pasarin's artwork something fierce. The art was...ok, but not quite up to the standards that I am accustomed to. But more on that on Friday.

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Nice, nice week.

Batman is good and I like how they flesh out the history of Gotham.
I already liked BoP in the last issue a lot and this one is even better, now that the team is really coming together.
The same goes for JL. Hal's "Dibs." line cracked me up. :)
I love the mythology side to WW, although I'm not too sure about Eris' looks but I can live with it.
And Deadman is just well written. It still reminds a bit of Ostrander's Spectre run but the tone is obviously more light hearted.


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