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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Zounds, but this was a darned good week. Darned good!

Batgirl #3

This seems to be finding its footing. It was mostly Babs interacting with Dick, which is always nice. The art was very pretty,there were a lot of kicks to the head, which is always nice, and Barbara is obviously not taking any guff from anyone. Or help for that matter, which may come back to bite her in the butt. But I liked this issue a whole lot more than the first two.

Batman & Robin #3

This was also a pretty fabulous issue. Nobody can draw action scenes quite like Pat Gleason. Damian was his usual obnoxious but strangely endearing little self, Alfred was cool beyond words, and Batman was actually...displaying...feelings! Who'dathunk? He's worried about his old buddy from the old days, and trying to protect Robin, who doesn't want any protectin, but is actually in over his head...even though he doesn't realize it. Great stuff.


Can the art in this book possibly get any more beautiful? All kinds of things are happening. Kate is fighting the drowning lady, not to mention Cameron Chase, Flamebird is brushed off, rather brutally by Kate, which will probably have consequences, and her Dad shows up! I LOVE her Dad! Man, oh man, but this is good.

Demond Knights #3

I also really really like this book. Etrigan is highly pissed that Madame Xanadu has sacrificed her youth to put up a protective barrier around the village, but he's been too long on earth, so Jason shows up again...each of them thinking that Xanadu loves them best. This duplicity disgust one of the other ladies, who strikes up a friendship with a young village girl, who is just bursting to help out. Too bad about that, though. Meanwhile, cracks are forming in their alliances, and all sorts of interesting things are happening. The art is pretty, and gosh, it is all just a lot of fun. I never ever thought that I would actually like Vandal Savage...but he's a hoot.

Green Lantern #3

By the Loins of Zeus! This is fantastic!

Resurrection Man #3

All kinds of interesting things are being revealed. The Body Doubles aren't just curvy assassins for hire, they have healing factors, that somehow they received when Mitch got HIS powers. And the good guys and the bad guys both want Mitch's soul, because his frequent dying somehow is upsetting the balance of things. And Mitch's Dad's former roommate, is simply fabulous.

Journey Into Mystery #631

This continues to be just about the only Marvel book that I'm currently reading, and it is great. I can't get enough of baby Loki. Odin is apparently off in the old location of Asgard, brooding over the body of the Serpent, who turned out to be his brother. Thor is dead (yeah, right), and Asgard is now located in the new location in Oklahoma, and Freyja, Gaia (Jord) and Idunn are ruling as a female triumvirate. They certainly can't do a worse job than Odin did. Odin seems to have a habit of having poor Thor kill off all of his inconvenient relatives. Odin, is really just an old drama queen.

But Loki is fabulous. He honors his promise to release the Disir, which unfortunately for them, puts them right back into Mephisto's control. Oops. To Loki's credit, he actually feels a little bit bad about it. He also manages to get Hela her realm back, so she doesn't have to hang out with Mephisto anymore, for which she is grateful. She is also making moves on Tyr, which is interesting. And Leah ends up hanging out in a nice hole in the ground near Asgard. Man, this is great.

Shame Itself

I couldn't resist picking this book up. It has a whole passel of artists and writers and is a tongue-in-cheek poke at Fear Itself, and actually IS quite amusing. Fun. Fun is always nice.

Wow, that was a GOOD week!


At 1:00 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Yup, nice week.
Batgirl finally hitting its stride.
Batwoman awesome as usual - and yeah I think Flamebird will come back to haunt her.
Resurrection Man was great too.
Huntress was very, very nice as well.
Vandal Savage is awesome on Demon Knights lol. Great issue.
At last getting a bit of info on why Deathstroke is on his rampage.

And finally a GL issue that I enjoyed as much on first read as I did the Sinestro Corps War.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was a very nice week indeed. While there are some things about the new DCU that annoy me, I have to admit it...they are telling some pretty darned good stories.


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