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Friday, November 11, 2011

Green Lantern #3

This...was fabulous. Simply fabulous. From the art, to the coloring, to the inking, to the plotting and dialogue, it was great.

We begin with Carol Ferris coming home to her apartment after dumping Hal at the restaurant. She gets a phone call, and at first thinks that perhaps Hal is calling to apologize, but that's probably just wishful thinking. No, it's Tom Kalmaku, and he wants her to turn on the television and watch the news. And boy, there's Hal in all of his newly restored Green Lanterny glory...and there's that OTHER guy who is helping him.


Let's just say that Carol is slightly flabberghasted.

Meanwhile, Sinestro is laying out his plan to swoop with Hal into Korugar and take out his erstwhile Corps. He figures that they will certainly be expecting HIM, but not Hal. Hal is reluctantly willing to go along, but wants to talk to Carol first. Naturally, Sinestro feels that this is a total waste of time, and tells Hal so, in his usual inimitable manner.


Oh Sinestro, you can't fool me. You just want Hal for yourself. Naturally, being Hal, he punches Sinestro, and then starts babbling that he may be willing to help him, but that Sinestro shouldn't think that he's BETTER than Hal! And, in my favorite panel of the whole issue...Sinestro just cracks up. It's not an evil laugh or gloating or anything, he's genuinely finds this hilarious. And of course tells Hal that he IS better than he is. And quite rightly, in my opinion.

Back on Oa, the Guardians have finished their little lobotomy of Ganthet, who now has no more of those nasty old emotions. Then the little blue morons all get their giant blue heads together, and decide that The Manhunters were flawed, but so are their current Corps...so they really ought to come up with a NEW Corps. Or, army, in their own words. Man, they just keep getting stupider and eviler all the time! How many times does the Corps have to save their wizened little blue asses? They haven't even finished rebuilding Oa, from the LAST time, the Corps saved them!

I want to see the Guardians get their comeuppance. I Want It So Bad.

While Hal is busy blasting through asteroids just for the hell of it, Sinestro is coming up with a plan. He's going to distract the Fear Corps,while Hal flies into the yellow battery with Sinestro's own green battery...and shut it all down. Hal is a bit nonplussed to find that Sinestro programmed a Green Lantern battery to be his fail-safe, which annoys Sinestro. He keeps saying that he doesn't WANT to be a GL...but that he does want to free Korugar. So, he turns his costume to black, and with a palpable sigh tells Hal how to do it as well.

The two of them are lurking on Korugar, waiting for sunset, as members of the Sinestro Corps are busy marching captives into cells. One little girl is picked out to be...well, basically, eaten, which just repulses Hal, but Sinestro tells him to hold his horses and don't jump the gun and stuff. Then another woman jumps the big bad guy and starts strangling him with her chains, and it turns out that her name is Arsona, and that Sinestro apparently knows her...and guess who can't control himself, and flies out to help her?

Double Heh.

Hal meanwhile is actually sticking to the plan, and lurks in the rear, before flying down to invade the yellow battery. He's surprised by another Fear corps member, whom he manages to blow up with his handy dandy green bazooka construct. And in Hal flies, into the yellow battery. Too bad that something is...seriously wrong, and Hal screams that Sinestro betrayed him, as he's...disintegrated. Much to the surprise, it must be said of Sinestro.

This was just so good. Hal is such a twit sometimes, but he does have his heart in the right place. Sinestro is a very complex and compelling character as well. At first,when I saw what happened to Hal, I was aghast...but thinking about it...I wouldn't be surprised if he's just been kidnapped to Qward. We haven't seen Mongul yet, or some of the other nasties, so I am already in a fever of anticipation, looking forward to NEXT month's issue!

This was good. Scary good.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger AF said...

OK, first of all, I've loved your blog since I knew about its existence, which happened some days ago... Second, I liked this issue a lot, especially that part when Sinestro cracks up at Hal's face.
I've been following Green Lantern storyline for 4 years now (yes, I'm a newbie), but I think it's never too late to love it.

At 1:20 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Totally agree. I love this issue. The interaction between Sinestro and Hal is just awesome!

Though I wonder who Arsona is. Another child of Sinestro's? A relative? Can't really be a boyhood love interest seeing that she ran like mad on seeing him.

Art is up to the usual very high GL standards. Imo the GL books have among the best art over the last years in the DCU.. well, not counting New Guardians maybe.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Welcome, AF! Welcome to the...madness! Bwhahahahahaha!


The bit where Sinestro just cracks up, is one of my favorite panels. You have to admit that it was pretty funny. And it is never too late to develop an appreciation for the Green Lanterns.

Shiraste, I too wonder who Arsona is. I can't really blame her for running at the sight of Sinestro, since pretty much EVERYbody runs from Sinestro...at least on Korugar. It's a shame really, Mongul was devastating his world, so he brought in the Sinestro Corps to save the day...and it worked as long as he was actually there to keep a rein on them. Without him of course, they began a reign of terror.

This book has just been awesome.

At 2:13 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Hmm... just a thought.

Is it possible that the Guardians are under influence of that Zardor Fellow? Sure they always were secretive, somewhat obnoxious, and acted on a need to know basis. But it's only pretty much since the road to Blackest Night, when Scar led them down that path, that they became downright evil.

Now my theory is that after the entities were expelled from the Guardians, with Hal "killing" Krona, that they were weak and their guard was down. Could Zardor have sneaked in? Ganthet however was healed by Saint Walker so he wasn't "in line" and had to be "lobotomised".
Now Zardor doesn't like the Guardians, or rather that they made themselves arbiters of right or wrong. What better way to make their own creations, the GLC and the "third army" battle each other to extinction and having a bunch of Guardian casualties in the process? Add a couple of "double agents" in Sodam Yat & co. appearing later and you have a first class mess.

PS: Sorry for highjacking, just something I've been mulling over a couple of times. ;)

At 11:45 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Heck, that makes as much sense as anything I've read...in fact, even more. I've been wondering just what the heck happened to that whole plotline, which seems to have fallen by the wayside. Bleez had been taken by Zardor, along with Sodam Yat, and yet, she's right back with Atrocitus, with no real explanation.

It was an interesting plot, and I'm rather interested in what became of it. I would prefer that the little blue munchkins are being mind-controlled,as opposed to just being douches.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger AF said...

Let's hope DC guys enlighten us with those lost moments. As Sally said, it was a very interesting plot, and it would be a shame to let it go wasted just like that.


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