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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Reviews

This...has been an interesting day. Woke up and there was no water. At all. Turns out that the road work down the street and around the corner managed to bust a water main somehow, and it is HARD to not have any water!


Of course it is also raining, and raw out, so there was SOME water.

But let me put my kvetching aside, and get to the reviews. Last week of the month, and not a ton of books, but certainly some interesting ones.

All-Star Western #2

I am just enjoying the heck out of this. Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex may be the original odd couple, but they seem to be managing to stay alive, and that is something at least. There is certainly skullduggery afoot in old Gotham, with most of the city's rich and famous involved in it up to their evil eyeballs. They are even going to replace the obnoxious...but honest top cop with a nice war hero. And EVIL war hero, but a war hero nevertheless. Bodies are piling up, and all sorts of cool things are happening, and the art is good, and heck...it's a darned good book, dagnabit!

Aquaman #2

The artwork by Ivan Reis, just makes my heart happy. And my eyes. The rather unpleasant creatures that crawled up from the Trench in the first issue, have discovered that food is readily plentiful on the surface! Yes, it may squeal and cry and scream a lot, but heck, food is food. A deputy from a rather devasted little fishing town is smart enough to realize that they need some help and ropes in Arthur and Mera. The REAL sheriff is just outraged that these two super buttinskies show up, but ends up being grateful after all. A good story, suspense, a reasonable amount of gore, that isn't TOO graphic, and that pretty pretty art.

Flash #2

Man, I'm loving this book. Manapul and Buccellato are just going to town. Barry is doing his usual fast stuff, but a talk with a buddy makes him realize that he could be tapping into the Speed Force for HIS BRAIN!! Suddenly, he's seeing things in all of their various ramifications, allowing him to calculate what could happen, and how to help it along. Or whatever. And there is still Iris poking around, and the little problem of the clones, and gosh, this is just great. Great art too.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2

A definite improvement over the first issue. Which wouldn't have been hard. More tomorrow.

Justice League Dark #2

I'm actually liking this book more than I thought that I would. We have a young Zatanna who is a bit out of her league, but certainly in there, doing her backward-talking best. Plus, it turns out that when Deadman gets horny, he turns into a real jerk. And possibly, Madame Xanadu is up to no good. Bautiful art again, we are just SHINING on the art in all the books this week. Interesting, and I want to see where this is all going.

Journey Into Mystery #630

In my opinion, the best book that Marvel is putting out at the moment. We have the aftermath of the whole mess with the Serpent, the death of Thor, and learn exactly who was powering the Destroyer, and stuff like that. And Volstagg goes home, and tells a tale to his wife and children.

You just can't beat Volstagg being a Dad to that myriad horde of rambunctious kids. The art...again...is quite fabulous, the story by Kieron Gillen is funny and poignant, and this is simply wonderful. Get it.

My...that WAS a pretty damned good week!


At 1:15 PM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Ivan Reis' work is awesome indeed. Aquaman was a lot of fun and so was The Flash.

JL Dark I'm still sorta undecided. Probably gonna pick it up again but not sure for how long.

Voodoo was pretty nice too. I'm still waiting on for who she actually works though. ;)

At 1:56 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I believe that Kyle is supposed to show up in Voodoo number three or four, which should be interesting.

Ivan Reis is indeed quite quite awesome, and Flash is just fun.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Shiraste said...

Yeah, he'll appear in the next issue. At least Marz' Kyle doesn't look like he slept a week in the gutter...

At 8:15 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Kyle HAS been looking just a tad...unkempt lately, hasn't he? It's probably because Guy isn't there to make sure that he shaves and gets a good night's sleep.


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