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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Well, that was a rather nice week. No Green Lantern however, which makes me sad. And apparently, no Green Lantern NEXT week either. Which makes me doubly sad.

Oh well.

Gotham City Sirens #15. Remind me to never mess with Poison Ivy. She's been seduced by this alien plant guy, and conned into helping him convert the Earth, while Selina and Harley are doing their level best to connect with her AND save the planet. It's not going too well...at least at first, but darned if Ivy doesn't eventually see the light. Primarily due to Harley, but hey, that's what friends are for. Let's just say that she...deals with the plant alien. Nastily. The art doesn't enthrall me, but I do like the writing.

Brightest Day: Green Arrow#3. Ummm...you remember last issue, when someone shot Ollie right in the forehead with a pointy stick? Well, he's saved by some guy dressed up in medieval garb called Galahad, who dunks him into the pond in the middle of the forest, and somehow, this saves him. I don't understand it either, and apparently neither does Ollie, because he's having the hardest time trying to believe all that is happening. I would have to say that the Life Entity is working on this one.

We do have some interesting flashbacks to Ollie's childhood, and the serial philandering of his Father, and his Father's encounter with the new proprietor of Queen Industries, so there is some background into HER story. So it's all pretty interesting, and the arts not bad, and it will all tie in with Brightest Day somehow. I'm not in love, but it's not terrible.

Justice League of America #48. This seems to wrap up the crossover with the JSA, and all of the trouble that Alan Scott has been having with the Starheart. Well...it wraps up SOME of the trouble. Doctor Midnight, and Mister Terrific use SCIENCE to come up with a solution, and they use Power Girl's brain AND her superspeed along with Supergirl's to whip up some contraption to counteract the shenanigans that the Starheart was getting up to. Oh, and they have to be careful to keep Jade away from Obsidian. And the Life Entity starts throwing around mysterious clues some more. But hey, Kyle's in it! And Alan is awesome of course, which goes without saying. Not perfect, but gosh, there were certainly a lot of nice little moments, so I liked it.

Justice League:Generation Lost #8. Well, naturally our hapless bunch got captured by Checkmate, but thanks to a little freezing action from Ice, and some really fabulous bluffing and heroics from the new Rocket Red, they do manage to bust out. Oh, and Fire blows her cover, so Jaime figures, what the heck,and busts out of his too. Booster is the only smart one in the bunch and doesn't show off his identity. And Capt. Shinypants busts down a wall and rescues them.

So they are off in one of the old embassies, licking their wounds, and Ice is having another existential meltdown. Man, she's whiney. I love Ice, I really do...but not this version. Fire meanwhile is having a tender moment with Gavril, the new Rocket Red, who got busted up pretty badly, but is busy joking about it. This is the most tender that I've seen Bea act in a long while, and if they are hinting at a budding romance between the two, I would be ALL for it. Because I'm a sap.

Booster is still acting like the brains, which seems to be confusing the rest of them. Bea refuses his offer of a shoulder to cry on, and goes into one of the unoccupied rooms only to find out that it IS occupied!


Except for Ice, this is great.

Actually I have a theory as to why Ice is spending so much time moping, and it doesn't have anything to do with coming back from the dead. She just misses Guy that's all. Yes...that's it.

Superman: Secret Origin #6. Ahhh, nothing like a little Gary Frank artwork to cheer me up. I swear this is a bit late coming out, but goshdarnit, it was worth it. We have Lois's miserable father showing up and taking over the Daily Planet at gunpoint, Lex's machinations have come to fruition, and Superman has been exposed as a filthy alien. Except that he's the only one trying to help people from the soldiers and Lex, and unlike the denizens of the Marvel Universe, the people of Metropolis do eventually notice this. Superman uses his brains (and a little heat vision) to neutralize the kryptonite on whatshisname, and beats the paranoid army types, while Lois and Jimmy and Perry cheer him on. Along with the REST of the people of Metropolis. Oh, and Lex has a tantrum.

Danged good stuff. Danged good!

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #2. Does every book that I'm reading have a colon and a subtitle? It sure seems that way.

We have Rip hanging out with Conan...er Claw as they are lost in time and space, while Hal and Superman are being real jerks to Booster, as they fight some apparent bad guys. Booster is handling it fairly well, all things considered. And we get to see flashbacks of when Rip was a little kid, which is always nice. Pretty artwork, and a decent story. And the final page is a hoot, because it shows that perhaps Hal and Superman shouldn't have been quite so rude to Booster.


Wonder Woman #602. I'm still a little bit on the fence with this new plotline, and lord knows I miss Gail Simone, but this wasn't...terrible. In this new reality, Diana runs off and tries to rescue a small clump of Amazons, and ends up talking to a Goddess, and kicks some serious butt. It's fairly light on characterization, but there is a lot of violence, which is always nice. And she takes off the jacket, to reveal that her bodice is being held up with a lot of...ribbons. Man, it must take her a LONG time to get dressed in the mornings!

But I still miss Hal. Except in Time Masters where he's being a douchebag. But in a very Hal sort of way.


At 7:28 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Not a good week for Green Lantern, but definitely a good week for Booster Gold. :-)

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I like the building Gavril/Bea relationship. Plus he earned Caps' respect which was a nice touch. Interesting that Bea doesn't seem to know how to handle Booster being their leader. Her look when he offers support is spot on. I'm sort of wondering if Winick is playing a more subtle in-joke at Booster being the only one not exposed or if that's going to come into play. At least the Tora subplot will be finished by 12. Max is just incredible throughout this. He went from a retconned bad guy with a hate for metas and no personality to a misguided version of old Max and I love reading about him.

I love Time Masters, I'm hoping the daddy Booster/baby Rip flashbacks continue through the rest of the issues. I really enjoyed Rips' scenes but I wanted someone to throttle Hal and Clark. Guess someone did. And hey, Black-Reddish-Beetle is back!

(No rear shots this week?)

At 2:44 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It WAS a good week for Booster! Frankly, I'm delighted that he's getting some much-deserved time in the limelight. It just seems so appropriate in a way.

Man, Superman and Hal were obnoxious though! I guess that came back to bite them in the butt however.

And speaking of butts...I will definitely have to post some more derrieres. Probably not till next week though.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

GA was odd. It certainly wasn't a direction I was expecting it to go, and had ma bit bewildered. But I think I like it.


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