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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Little More Excitement than I was Expecting

It's Wednesday, and as usual, the high-light of my week. And Green Lantern is coming out, which is very nice. However, I did get a little bit more excitement today than I had originally planned for. Such as the slightly hysterical telephone call from my youngest. Phone calls from school always make my stomache drop into my shoes because you're never sure WHAT is coming. In this particular instance, some kid in the school parking lot managed to dent her rear fender and completely rip off her bumper.

She's fine, she wasn't even in the car, which was parked, but she did see the whole thing happen, and is...well, she's livid. She loves that car! The Saab from Hell, but she loves it. I'm afraid that the poor boy who hit her is in for a very expensive lesson. It's his second accident, and he's only had his license for a few months. VERY expensive. Thank goodness for insurance.

I'll tell you who ISN"T going to be driving my car to school. Not in THAT parking lot!

Which brings me, in a roudabout way, to a question. We all know that Hal is a hot-shot pilot. How is when it comes to driving? I seem to remember quite a number of times, at least in the old Gil Kane issues where he drives off of cliffs and things. Always in a convertable of course. In New Frontier, by Darwyn Cooke, he seemed to be driving more or less like a maniac.

I think that we can assume that Hal drives pretty much the same way that he flies. FAST and without a safety net! Does he fasten his seat belt, or does that take away his "edge"? Does he even own a car nowadays? What kind of car would he drive? Personally, I see him in a nice little '57 Corvette. Which he would wreck. So perhaps a '75 Pinto would be more appropriate.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger GL2814E said...

Hal doesn't have a license or insurance, those would take his edge off...

Then again didn't Hal used to be an Insurance adjustor? How the crap does that happen with all the vehicles he's destroyed?

I bet that'll be what keeps him out of the Green Lantern Corp, Ganthet will be reviewing his records for transfer and be like, "OH HELL NO! WE CAN'T AFFORD THE PREMIUMS FOR THIS GUY'S INSURANCE!"

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Patrick C said...

I'm not sure about Hal, but I picture Guy with a beat up old Hummer or something similar.

Kyle definitely drives a Prius.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous suedenim said...

"Then again didn't Hal used to be an Insurance adjustor?"

IIRC, this is a popular misconception, and he was an insurance investigator - i.e., kinda like a detective who works for an insurance agency.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

I remember reading an article in an automotive magazine a couple of years ago, in which the writer interviewed a bunch of test pilots at Edwards Air Force Base. Not only did all of the test pilots in the article (men and women) insist on being referred to by their call signs (some of which were DAMNED adorable), ALL of them were complete and utter car snobs -- AS LONG AS the cars were sports convertibles. The cars of choice? FERRARI. And these test pilots made enough money to AFFORD Ferraris. One pilot even joked that he bought his Ferrari six months before he even got an apartment. He lived on base and in his car until he had enough money socked away to get an apartment.

All of the pilots also expressed disappointment that it wasn't nearly as much fun to drive these expensive sports cars as it was to fly military aircraft. They DID say they had to maintain good driving records, though. The military, apparently, tends of frown upon reckless drivers and any other chronic lawbreakers.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Duskdog said...

I can see Hal having a super expensive sports car and wrecking it, and then ending up being the laughingstock of the base because he ends up driving a Pinto.

I think I recall an issue of Warrior (the animated series issue, I think?) where there's this thing at the back about (sadly fake) Warrior action figures and they mention Guy's vintage Indian motorcycle or something like that. Of course, every action figure eventually gets a motorcycle as an accessory, but I can see Guy really having something like that.

I'm not sure about John, but I bet whatever car he buys is nice and sensible and gets reasonably good gas mileage. Or, and I know this sounds weird, I can actually see him being a bike commuter sometimes.

I bet Kyle doesn't drive. His girlfriends probably drive him around. (Hal's girlfriends drive him around, too, when he's between cars. Or between jobs.)

At 6:33 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

John drives a mini-van. It's SO practical.

At least Hal knows how to drive a standard. Remember when he used to be a truck driver? He'd hide the truck in a green bubble above the atmosphere whenever he had to go off and do his hero thing. I've always wondered if anything that he was hauling ended up actually being delivered.

At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Jim A said...

I'm thinking Hal would drive pretty much like Steve McQueen in Bullitt!


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