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Thursday, April 17, 2008

An...Interesting Week

This was not the biggest week for me, but I have to admit that there were some interesting tidbits out there. I have to admit right from the start that I enjoyed The Brave & The Bold and the Incredible Hercules the most, with the former being breathtaking, and the latter being hilarious. I also picked up Tangent: Superman's Reign, the Lone Ranger, Salvation Run, Countdown, the Flash, X-Factor and Suicide Squad. There was something nice in every one.

The Brave & the Bold.....Woohoo! The grand finale, the final dustup with Megistus! They threw in just about everybody in this one, with Superman, Ultraman, Hal Jordan, and the Challengers of the Unknown, not to mention Firestorm, Metamorpho, Super Girl, and Power Girl, and Wonder Woman, and anyone who happened to be standing around at the moment.

The Megistus has turned the sun Green, and is about to unleash a scarlet cloud that will destroy the earth! The Challengers, Superman, Ultraman and Hal have borrowed Wonder Woman's invisible plane, so that they can fly INTO the sun, and so that Hal can recharge his ring! If that doesn't get your pulse racing, then I really don't know what will. There are lots of cool fights, rescues, Superman actually using his brains instead of JUST his fists, sacrifice and more cool fights. A Winner of a book!

Countdown #2.....We're almost to the end of this now, and finally, the action has started to pick up in the last few issues. This one features a giant turtle Jimmy Olsen fighting Darkseid as the Atom rushes to get the thingamabob out of Jimmy, while the rest of the bunch stand around and watch as Metropolis gets levelled. Oh, and Orion shows up.

Kyle seems none the worse for wear after Mary Marvel used him to bludgeon Donna last issue, which is a good thing. Considering how nasty Superman was to Oracle and the Birds of Prey a couple of months ago when they inadvertently destroyed a block of Metropolis, he seems to be taking the complete destruction of his city pretty much in stride. How this all ties into the Death of the New Gods, has me slightly baffled.

The Flash....Poor Wally. Poor poor Wally. Nobody loves him anymore since he admitted that he'd actually like to get a job and support his family. Even Jay goes on television and gets cranky. But it turns out that there is a sinister explanation for all of this! Oh, and Roy shows up which is nice.

The Incredible Hercules....I laughed and laughed. Oh Marvel, sometimes you can still sing that old siren song and still seduce me. Athena drives Amadeus and Herc cross-country to San Francisco, and they end up meeting up with some of the Eternals who are trying to convince Hercules that he's REALLy Gilgamesh. He isn't of course, but admits to having some hazy moments when it comes to his memory. It's a hoot from beginning to end.

The Lone Ranger #11....This was pretty, and a nice story as told by Tonto to a condemned prisoner. Leaves you hanging a bit, but it is awfully pretty.

Salvation Run#6.....This was just noisy, violent, didn't make a whole lot of sense...and I loved it. Lex and the Joker bitch-slap each other all through it. Insults and quips are flying. Vandal Savage is scheming. J'onn is imprisoned, and the Rogues are the only ones with brains in the whole bunch. It's a bit silly, and violent and all...and I DON'T CARE! Fun in an embarrassing sort of way.

Suicide Squad #8.....Also noisy and violent, but not as silly as Salvation Run. Good all the way through. Eiling gets his, and once again Amanda Waller triumphs! Oh, and Flagg is smarter than he looks. And Deadshot and Boomer have a bonding moment. Good stuff.

X-Factor #30......A Glenn Fabry cover featuring Arcade? How could I possibly pass this up? I always liked Arcade for some reason that I can't really explain. Maybe because he's just fun and doesn't seem to have an agenda. An interesting twist at the end.

Tangent:Superman's Reign #2.....I really only picked this up on impulse, not having bought number one, but it had John Stewart on the cover, which intrigued me. Somehow, Wally and John end up bringing back the "other" Flash, the one who was trapped on our world a while back, along with the Lantern that had ended up in Guy's storage unit. I'm not sure how, or why, but they all end up in the Tangent Universe, and now it looks as though John and Wally are stuck there. Oh, and Superman rules the world and is pretty pissy about it.

Oh, and Guy Gardner shows up as a weaselly computer hacker. I HAD to have it.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Evie said...

Hey there, hope you don't mind, I tagged you on a meme:


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

I haven't read them all yet, so can't comment, but yeah, Countdown was pretty good and I enjoyed Suicide Squad. I'll get my own reviews up in a day or so.

At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Marionette said...

My favourite bit of Suicide Squad is when Wade, having crowed about how hard he is, finds out that Amanda Waller is still alive and she's coming for him and starts shaking in his booties.

Amanda Waller done right is as scary as Batman, and without all the theatrics.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Thanks, Evie.

Shelly, Countdown at least had some nice explosions and things. I thought that Suicide Squad was great.

yes, Marionette, it was amazing how quickly Eilings tactics changed once he realized that Waller was after him. The big baby.


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