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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where there's Smoke....

....There's Fire. I like Fire. I wish they'd put her back in the Justice League, although at least I can read about her in Checkmate. But she just hasn't been her old feisty self lately. Granted, she's been put through the wringer like ALL the old JLI'ers, but still! If there was one character that I could always count on for spunkiness, it was Beatriz. Too bad about her Dad being such a scumbag.

It's nice that Ice is back though. I thought that it was interesting that Bea's first thought was to grab Tora and get the heck out of Checkmate. It's a depressing place, and I definitely want Ice OUT of there. Although, I DO like Checkmate, I'm terrified that Waller or somebody is going to do something to poor Fire.

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Now THAT'S my girl! I even liked that outfit. Not your usual superhero outfit. If she wasn't in Checkmate or the JLA, maybe they could put her in Birds of Prey? I know that Oracle originally dismissed her as being too ditsy, but hey, Bea's been through a lot lately, and has calmed down considerably. And she and Zinda got along pretty well back in the old "Warrior" days.

And it isn't as though there were a LOT of Brazilian superheroes out there!


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous nicodemus88 said...

I like Fire too, I discovered her in OMAC, and followed her in Checkmate.
I like the fact that her fire powers are green, sometimes fire has nuances of beautiful blue or green. It changes of the big red flames. I like her way of feelings and actings.
And I like the fact she is a US foreigner.

And I know a real brazilian superheros ! my friend is Brazilian, she makes her law studies in Switzerland, (she obtains financial help and left her country alone to go to Switzerland... at 13 years old...) she learned recently her twin sister was in coma for kindneys failures. She came back,dropping her exams, and gave her sister one of her kindney, she didn't thinks at all it was an evidence.
I just know this brazilian female heroine and one brazilian woman, both are amazing.

Hourrah for brazilian women ! kisses to my sweet A.


At 6:54 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Hurrah for Brazilian superheroines, indeed!


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